A Certain Scientific Railgun S mid-season impressions


So i’ve just finished watching up to ep 12 of the new Railgun series.

Before I start, I’m gonna mention my experience with the To Aru franchise. I’m in the group that think Railgun is better than both Index series.

While Index was definitely fun, I thought the pacing was off and latter arcs were dissapointing. Index II didn’t help either by essentially doing a repeat of Index without the amazing first arcs.

Railgun, on the other hand, caught me by surprise at how faithful it was as a spin-off, but also great as a stand-alone. The arcs were also more focused, and Saten is awesome.


And how is Railgun S so far? To be honest, it started off a bit slow. The first 2-3 ep were mainly episodic adventures with some foreshadowing and comedy.

After that, the sister’s arc starts and things get more exciting. Both Index and Railgun have ventured into some dark territory, but there is a scene that happens later with just as much graphic violence as the Deep Blood Arc in Index.

This also explores into the psyche of Misaka and the clones in ways Index never did. Accelerator demonstrates just how powerful he is compared to Misaka and how she became so emotional by the end of Index’s part of the Sisters arc. We even get to see previous parts of Index through Misaka’s point-of-view, which is always fun to watch.

The new characters are also pretty interesting. We get to see more level 5 espers and some non-espers that fight just as well (Frenda is just adorable, and Mugino was a freaking badass).


Still, this isn’t all perfect.

So far, only Kuroko and Misaka have gotten much screentime while everyone else is sidelined. Also while we do see how Misaka reacts to the Level 6 Shift, you can’t really feel that emotion if you have already seen the result in Index. In short, it kind of spoils the arc.

But that is why I’m loving it so far. Railgun is doing what few spin-offs can do; be interesting on its own while also being relevant to the main plot. So far Railgun S does not dissapoint, and I’m excited to write more about it next week.



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