Servant x Service Episode 1 Review~


Servant x Service is an anime based on the manga of the same name by Karino Takatsu (He is also behind the manga and anime series called Working!!). A-1 Pictures introduces us to three characters who are newly hired employees in the health and welfare section of a city ward’s office in Hokkaido. In my opinion, this type of job isn’t always as easy as it looks. Especially if an employee have to come across people from all walks of life (Or deviating temperaments) as they come in for help and information. We’ll see how this trio of employees handle the quirks of working at an office setting day to day.


Servant x Service of course starts with the three main characters’ first day at work.


There is Yamagami whose sole purpose for working at the health and welfare section is to cast revenge on the employee who allowed her inconceivably long birth name to slide without a second glance or opinion. Although I feel that she should have confronted her parents first, she thought otherwise. She comes across clients who don’t help in alleviating her nervousness or stress (Maybe her chest has some part in this too).


There is also Hasebe Yutaka who is very laid back and has taken the job easily to the point where he ends up running a window himself before he is even supposed to. Besides finding any possible opportunity to slack off, he also tries to get girls’ email addresses (And even succeeds in obtaining one).


There is the shy  Miyoshi Saya who seems to be the most even tempered of the three characters. She just graduated from college at the age of 24 and working at the office is her first job EVER. Sadly, she gets stuck at a window where she listens to elderly women ramble on and on.


All in all, I am finally happy to see an anime that doesn’t revolve around the school aged kids. Servant x Service provides its audience a change where the setting involves the real world with a workplace comedy (Kind of reminds me of Scrubs in a way. Ha.). With a few insightful quirks of comedy that made me smile but not rolling on the floor laughing, I think this anime series possesses some potential. The animation may not be much, but it is gag comedy with insightful characters that bring life to the office atmosphere, a plot that clearly has direction (Especially when it comes to Yamagam)i, and quirky office jokes. Although the show may focus more on Yamagami than the others, we will still be able to see how each and every one of them go through the day-to-day struggle of an office job. We will see how they deal with each other, their other fellow employees, and the different personalities of clients as well. Because of this, I believe anyone who has had a first job can relate to the main characters. I recommend this show to anyone who wants  a plot and setting that doesn’t revolve around the youth of high school.

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