A Certain Scientific Railgun S ep13 impressions


In this episode, Misaka can no longer hack into the Tree Diagram to stop the project since it no longer exists. Having no way to stop, she decides to go on a rampage through facilities hoping that it would stop the project from getting further, only to witness yet another death of the MISAKA clones. Accelerator continues the experment in the same way it was shown in Index and Touma gets involved after seeing the bloodstains of MISAKA 10031. Now aware of the Level 6 shift project, he proceeds to visit the dorm of Misaka to convince her to stop the destruction she’s about to cause. We know though that we’ll be seeing more Kuroko next week instead. 🙂


Much like before, things are really building up to the climax of  the sister’s arc. And what a surprise! This means more involvement with Touma. And to be honest, looking at him through misaka’s point-of-view actually makes him more likeable than in Index simply because we know more of what’s happening in the backgrounds and thus build up more to a climax, rather than just learning about it once and immediatly finishing things. We even get to see accelerator’s initial reactions to the experiment and just how brutal the vector reversal of blood could be. Ew.


Speaking of build up, Misaka’s attempts at stopping the Level 6 project have gotten more and more desperate. Gone are the attempts to stealthfully infiltrate specific stations involving the project, and instead we get our Railgun going on rampages throughout Academy City. And with the Tree diagram now destroyed, there is even less meaning for the project to go on and makes misaka’s last plan to stop the project impossible. By the end, we start to see the change between dedicated ally of justice to homicidal maniac, as she barges into a facility nearby with no concern of casualties.


Railgun S has been getting more intense with both individual build-up and connections to the Index series. We know the conclusion and the resolved character arcs. But small changes such as this has succeeded at exciting me for the climax of the sister’s arc once again.

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