Rozen Maiden 2013 First impressions


It’s been nearly 8 years since the original rozen maiden anime came out and a lot has changed since then. The anime covered 8 volumes of the manga, but changed several events to the point where it ended on a completely original story. Before you watch this, I highly suggest either reading the manga or at least watching the original anime series by Nomad.


Why? This is NOT a remake NOR is it completely a sequel. Similar to FMA Brotherhood or Motto To Love Ru, this is essentially a continuation of the original series with changes more relevant to part II of the manga. As such, this first ep crams in the events of the first 8 volumes to refresh the memories of manga fans and to show contrast between the original anime. That’s right. 8 VOLUMES IN 24 MINUTES! Newcomers to this franchise should NOT start here.


Obviously this will cause problems. One, it does not give us proper time to get used to the characters, which is justified considering the first anime was 8 years ago and that nearly EVERY Rozen maiden doll is introduced in this one ep. Second is that the contrast between this recap and the original series may be too much to take when it’s all told to you in the length of 1 ep. Slow comparisons would’ve made a smoother experience and more time to appreciate the changes.


That’s not to say that everything is disappointing. The new visual style is truly unique. It’s different from the Nomad adaptation, but the simplistic designs and stark colors are unlike anything you’ve seen this year. The backgrounds have a watercolor pallete that may seem cheap to new viewers, but the animation is surprisingly smooth considering this was animated by Studio DEEN. The music is different than the memorable ost from the Nomad series, but it’s fitting.


The best part of this though is that so far the show seems to be void of moe; for the most part, this looks like it will be serious in tone. Hopefully the next eps will slow down and present the rest of the story in an orderly fashion. Whatever may happen, there’s definitely one thing i’m happy about: MORE DESU!!!



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