Fate/Kaleid liner Prisma Illya First impressions


Oh boy. Where do I begin with this? So apparently this is a spin-off of the Fate Stay Night franchise with Illya as a mahou shoujo and several other characters bunched around to play roles in your typical magical girl setting. Does it work? Well…kind of?


Illya is now attending school and rushes home with her elder cousin, shirou. While on their way, the two magicians Rin and Luvia arrive in Japan to complete a certain mission. However they constantly quarrel and eventually start fighting in the air. Their two magical sticks, Ruby and Sapphire, get sick of this and decide to seek new masters. Ruby finds Illya to be promising and tricks her into becoming her new master. Rin is initially pissed by this, but decides to let her stay as Ruby’s new master, warning her of the troubles to come.


In terms of parody, there is a certain charm and wit to it all. The 7 classes of servants are now apparently cards that can be used through connecting with magical sticks. The role of both magical pet in most in this genre is actually the stick itself, which in this case is both obnoxious and manipulative of it’s user(kyubey anyone?).


There’s also some characters from both fate stay night and fate hollow axtaria, most notably Rin, Luvia and Shirou. Rin seems to be the magical teacher for Illya, Luvia is possibly a rival, and Shirou is living with Illya’s family(not dead in this world) and possibly a love interest? The OP also hints that the girls will be fighting evil servants such as Berserker and Saber Alter.


However, I just can’t shake the feeling that all of this is just a cash grab. Unlike the other type-moon parody, Carnival Phanatasm, this doesn’t seem like it’s focused on being witty or clever with the parallel world it’s in. The plot twists seem to follow only two routes: make a joke or follow the plot route of any mahou shoujo. Because of this, the story is very predictable unless it makes these jokes, and some of them aren’t even that funny(bathtub scene with shirou…again). It feels less like an attempt at building a parallel universe, and more like cheap fanservice.

rin-1024x575 173271

The animation is a mixed bag. Silver Links did a fine job with backgrounds and fluidity, but not much in terms of character designs. To be honest, i find the character designs rough and ugly considering they’re based on type moon’s symmetrical designs. Music seems ok, but really forgettable.


So far, i have really low expectations of this show. It has some potential with how it handles both the genre it’s in and the franchise it’s based from. But overall it feels like an excuse to have Illya dressed in a loli magical girl costume.


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