Highschool DxD NEW first impressions


Why do you need to ask, Issei? And that goes to the viewers as well. If you have issues with seeing boobies flashed at you in the first 4 seconds of ep 1, then I question how you’ve gotten this far. It’s the return of Highschool DxD, and it comes back with more boobs than ever before!(not OVA level; that went a bit too far).


The first half of this episode is meant for two things: reintroducing characters and BOOBS! Issei’s dragon arm from season one is now repressed, but only on a temporary basis. To extract the powers within and keep his arm looking human, we see a startling ritual: Akeno in a wet bath robe sucking on Issei’s finger(yes, that’s his finger). So after that sexy scene, we see everyone gather at Issei’s house. While the girls fawn over Issei’s baby pictures, Kiba gets tense when he sees a picture of Issei, a blond friend(not kiba) and a holy sword. He mentions about coincidence before returning the pictures back. After that though, Kiba becomes spaced-out and starts isolating himself from the others. The ep ends with Issei learning about Kiba’s origins and his quest for vengeance.


Despite how this was mostly about the fanservice, it seems we’ll be focusing on Kiba’s side of the story for the next couple eps, which is a good thing. Other than Issei, Asia or Rias, we still don’t know much about the rest of the characters. If this ep is any indication, it looks like we’ll finally get some backstory on these sexy beasts one way or another. The stories have always been cheesy and cliche, but it works when it takes place in a show with this much cheesecake shots of women’s bodies. If it had been any more serious, the tone would actually be jarring.

High-School-DxD-New-Episode-1-Image-0020 irina

Speaking of characters, the two new girls Xenovia and Irina(blond in the picture) seem to be the new opponents for the series, prepared with what appears to be a holy sword. Issei makes his first contract with a laid-back drunk named Azazel,and the crazy exorcist Freed makes an appearance as well. The two pervert buddies of Issei spread a rumour of him being a sexual deviant as payback for getting the harem neither one could get(the girl’s aren’t mad though, as there’s also a rumour about a yaoi pairing between him and Kiba). Rias and Asia are more forward with their affection for Issei, regularly stripping in front of him. And as for Issei himself? Well, the picture on top should tell you what he’s like. :3


Animation seems to have gotten an upgrade, now that TNK finally has something to be known for other than School Days(BURN THAT SHIT TO HELL!!!). The action has gotten more fluid, the backgrounds have more detail and, of course, more shots of nude ladies(mmm). Music is still consistently good, but the real high point for me is Yuki Kaji. Most of his roles are whiny and annoying, but Kaji’s really good at voicing likeable pervs, and Issei is one of his more popular roles.


So far, i’m excited to see more boobs and more cheesy plot in this new addition to highschool dxd. It’s one of the better harems out there, and I can’t wait to see what happens next. MORE AKENO PLEASE!

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