Genshiken Nidaime Episode 1 Review~


It has been six years since Genshiken II. Now, with Genhsiken Nidaime we have new characters, different seiyuus, and a contrasting outlook on the otaku culture of this day and age. Question is, will the series be able to hold everything well?


With the start of the first episode, Oguie is now the new club president. She is putting her utmost 100% in being president and attempting to draw in new members to the club. She doesn’t want to disappoint Sasahara (He used to be in the club and is now her current boyfriend) with the possibility of the club shutting down in the mere future. After showcasing her skills in drawing (And making sure Ohno doesn’t cosplay outrageously and Kuchiki is physically absent), she managed to recruit two new female members, Yajima and Yoshitake.


You thought this was the real Hato?


Well, you’re wrong. THIS is the real Hato.

Yajima seems to be more retrained and withdrawn compared to Yoshitake who is easily outgoing and looking forward to being a part of the club. On the other hand, Kuchiki is one happy camper since the club is now filled with mostly girls (Ahem, fujoshi) that he can eyeball all day. What really caught Kuchiki’s attention was another new recuit, Hato. She (Who is really a he) can pull off being a very attractive young woman as a crossdresser pretty well to the point where she seems out of place in the club.


This first episode of the series is adapted from the manga with the same name (Around chapters 56 and 57). In my opinion, Production I.G did a great job with not making any significant changes whatsoever to the original story of the manga.

Sad to say, but I wasn’t really happy with the different seiyuus this time around. Since I believed that Madarame’s original seiyuu fit his character really well, his new voice will take a lot getting used to. In addition, Ohno and Kuchiki seem to be out of character and utterly different from how I know them from the previous seasons.


I also love how they referenced to Bakemonogatari in this episode. Sue was cosplaying, watching an episode of the anime, and even played out a scene with Madarame.

Unlike the other two seasons, Genshiken Nidaime is now female (Or fujosji) dominated which is causing a change in style in terms of comedy. The animation may not be much (As to be expected), but I admire the fact that the character designs this time around were closer to the manga compared to that of the previous seasons.


Besides the change in seiyuus with some characters, I am happy to say that I am glad that this anime series is off to a good start. 🙂

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