Free – Iwatobi Swim Club Episode 2 Review~


Free! has grown my interest where instead of having the usual high school atmosphere with students who lack the motivation, we have the the four main characters of this series passionate about swimming.


This episode starts where the previous one left off – with Rin and Haruka competing against one another freestyle. As the episode progresses, Nagisa suggests that they form a swimming club at their high school. After getting Haruka to join the club, Makoto and Nagisa propose their idea of a swim club to their homeroom teacher, Miho Amakata who agrees to be their club advisor. The school faculty accepts their proposal for a swim club, but they must find another member and they have to clean and restore the school’s swimming pool. Nagisa tries to recruit new members into their club, but fails to have anyone join in the end.


Curious, Rin’s sister Gou asks Makoto about their race during their school’s pool restoration. She finds out that Haruka allowed Rin to win the match since he was already content with just being able to swim in the water, which angered Rin. Thinking that they can help Rin return to his old self, Gou proposes to join their swim club as manager.


Later on in the episode, Makoto pays a visit to Iwatobi Swimming Club to reminisce about their past youth. There, he runs into their old coach and mentor, Sasabe who reveals that Haruka and Rin raced each other a long time ago when they were younger (It was during a rare occurrence where Rin visited Japan). Rin obviously lost but became devastated at the result due to the fact that all his hard work overseas was for nothing when it comes to competing against Haruka. This caused a rifting strain in their friendship (And damaged Rin’s pride), making Haruka quit swimming competitively all together.


Makoto then tries calling Rin informing him that they will be forming a swim club. On the other hand, Rin already made the decision to join his school’s swim team due to his harboring grudge on Haruka. The episode ends with the club and their homeroom teacher christening the school’s pool to establish their highschool’s new swimming club.


Although we don’t see much plot progression in this second episode of the series, we do see a lot of character molding from the young boys, Rin, his sister Gou, and even their club advisor, Miho. We see more of Haruka’s need to undress just so that he can be in the water to Gou finding out what’s going on with her brother Rin and hopefully finding a way to revert him to his old self by joining the swim club. In this episode, the young boys are able to accomplish a lot. I enjoyed the scene which shows the young boys working hard as they restore their school’s pool back to workable condition. I think it showcased how passionate they are when it comes to swimming. Their hard work, time, and efforts when it comes to passion really touched me in this episode!


And just like last week, the second episode of Free! didn’t disappoint me at all!


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