Danganronpa – The Animation Episode 2 Review~


Danganronpa what happened?! I was really looking forward for this anime adaptation of the original game,  but I am getting so disappointed. -_-


As Makoto tries to adapt to the current situation in this episode, he soon learns from Monokuma that his bathroom door is stuck. Monobear pops out of nowhere and informs him that in order to open the door, he has to push the door handle up before opening it. Afterwards, Sayaka comes into his room telling him that she is afraid that someone may be after her. In order to calm her nerves, Makoto proposes they switch rooms for the night.


The next day, Makoto walks into his room and finds not only a mess, but Sayaka dead in his shower room covered in pink blood and stabbed with a kitchen cleaver. He ends up fainting due to the horrific trauma of finding Sayaka’s dead body, and awakens in the school gym.


All of the other students are also gathered in the gym under Monokuma’s orders. Monokuma then shows up and explains that one of them is Sayaka’s murderer. He also tells them that they must gather evidence and judge for themselves who among them is most likely the murderer in a “class trial”. If they are able to find out who the real culprit is, that murderer will be executed. But, if they they fail and end up accusing the wrong person, the murderer will be able to escape the academy while everyone else ends up being executed.


Junko Enoshima becomes angry about all this and voices out her objection of taking part in the class trial. She attacks Monokuma, who then kills her by summoning spears as punishment. Monokuma then reminds the other remaining students about what will happen if they fail to follow the rules he has laid down for them. Afterwards, the students’ electronic ID’s are updated with information regarding Sayaka’s murder showing that she died in Makoto’s room. Because of this, the students blame Makoto for Sayaka’s murder.


The students then split up and scope the surrounding areas of the school for any evidence they can find (Makoto took note of a message left behind in the crime scene written in Sayaka’s blood reading, “11037”). Before the commencement of the class trial, Makoto finds Sayaka’s motivation DVD which shows that the fellow members of her idol group were killed by Monokuma (The only way she will learn why they were killed is if she graduated).  The episode ends with the remaining students gathered together once again to start the class trial.


Sadly, this episode of Danganronpa was really rushed; especially in the scenes where the students try to conjure up evidence regarding Sayaka’s death. Not enough time was given for the audience where they weren’t able to gather enough evidence to formulate a theory or hypothesis of who might the murderer be. Added to that, there wasn’t enough time for the viewers where they weren’t able to get to know the characters (Being able to familiarize the characters’ individual characteristics will probably help the audience come to a conclusion of who the murderer is).

The fast pacing of the anime also made Sayaka’s death less impacting as the game did. In the original game, the player was able to see an extended amount of interaction time between Makoto and Sayaka, which in turn helped make her death more heart breaking than it was shown in the anime. Sure, Sayaka’s death was surprising but it didn’t showcase a heart wrenching effect as the original game did.

-sighs- Sadly, there is also a plot hole in this episode. In the first episode, three consecutive days have already passed since Monokuma’s game started. Yet, Makoto discovers that something is wrong with his door NOW after THREE WHOLE DAYS?! Yuck, he didn’t shower for three days. -_- I recall that in the original game, he discovers his odd door on the first night of Monokuma’s game.

Also, I didn’t see why the opening had to have added English lyrics into it. I though it was fine just the way it was!

The only thing I do like about this episode is the fact that they showcased the original game’s signature trademark: The pink blood. Other than that, I was highly disappointed with everything else. The art and animation wasn’t that pleasing to the eye this time around either. The anime is trying to copy the games too much but fails in doing so all together due to the fast pacing, the plot hole, and the fact that the audience doesn’t have enough time to get to know the characters.


-sighs- Hopefully next week doesn’t disappoint me as much as episode did.

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