Servant x Service Episode 2 Review~


I admit, I like Servant x Service as a show because 1) It doesn’t revolve around a school age setting,  2) It involves adults facing the real world as they go to work every day at a city ward’s office, and 3) Insightful workplace comedy.


I also like how we were given some depth with Chihaya and her otaku-ness and her lifestyle as an avid cosplayer. I honestly didn’t see that coming. We also find out that the ward office is otaku-friendly. It’s a surprising aspect when it comes to Chihaya, and I admire her suggestions when it comes to fashion which involve dressing up her “plain-looking” (Yamagami) coworker(s) in cosplay.


I also really enjoy how Chihaya possesses a fascination with Yamagami’s bra cup size due to the fact that it conjured up a laugh in me. I really liked the part when she said, “F cup!” and Yamagami feeling relieved that her breast size is considered small (In the anime world, F cup is small?!).


Sadly, Yamagami, Hasebe, Miyoshi, and Taishi didn’t get much screen time this time around due to the introduction of the tsundere annoying as hell little sister, Touko.  -_-

If there is one thing I don’t like about Servant x Service, it’s Ichiomaya Touko.


Touko’s tsundere character reeks of cliche that is not only over done when it comes to the anime culture these past few years, but also down right annoying. She is rude, arrogant, highly entitled, and really in-your-face. I don’t think a character with such characteristics belong in an anime such as Servant x Service. I honestly think that she throws off the balance of things in the anime. She isn’t cute. And she isn’t funny. She walks into the ward office as if she owns the place, embarrasses her brother in front of not only his fellow employees but also clients as well, makes everyone else’s job harder than it already is, and also hits him countless times with a bag of books when he didn’t do anything? Girl, are you for real? GET OUT OF HERE!


So, when Hasebe trolled her really bad when she asked him a trivia question resulting in him getting her phone number, who threw a fist pump in the air out of sheer happiness? Me! Haha.


Of course, I also loved how the little old lady defended Miyoshi. 🙂


I know that Touko has just been introduced but I honestly hope that she doesn’t show up much (Or not at all) later on in the series. Servant x Service attempts at portraying realism around a workplace environment has flip flopped due to the introduction of her character that is filled with cliches and annoyances. Sorry.


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2 thoughts on “Servant x Service Episode 2 Review~

  1. Tanaka-san is a much better regular character than Touko. 😛 Still, fun show.

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