Fate/Kaleid liner Prisma Illya ep 2 impressions

my thoughts exactly

my thoughts exactly

Yet another ep, and a reason to call this more than a cash-grab yet to be seen. Yes, it’s cute to see Illya dressed as a mahou shoujo waving her wand. Yes, it’s fun to see a wand tease it’s owner into making cute poses for the lulz. Yes, it’s funny to see characters of the Fate universe to get reduced to these roles. But without creativity, it’s not enough to call it anything above average.


Rin decides that until Ruby(the wand) changes her mind, Illya will have to stay her master and help Rin with finding the Class Cards. After that, the majority of this episode is focused on just Illya getting used to the fact that she’s a magical girl while being part of jokes on the way home. At nighttime, she meets up with Rin and capture her first Class card. To get it, they must defeat the card itself in a mirror world.


And of course due to parody reasons, it’s a dark version of the servants they represent(in this case Rider). Illya starts off well, but eventually loses when Dark Rider becomes more cautious. But before she can finish off Illya, another magical girl arrives equipped with the lancer Class Card and slays her.


Now even when i keep talking about how mediocre it is, i will admit this episode did have some highlights. For once, the jokes were actually funny this time. They were cheap, predictable and purely based on the character archetypes. But hey, who doesn’t laugh when a letter in a shoebox turns out to be a death threat? Just me?


Also, the new girl who seems to be more experienced than Illya may bring some much-needed conflict to the whole situation. Despite the dark servants and focusing on a mission with a time-limit, the stakes seem to way too small to make it anything more than a gag. So the appearance of a rival might make things a bit more exciting.


I guess the big issue with Fate Kaleid so far is that it’s unambitious. That isn’t neccesarily bad if the satire is funny enough to keep it entertaining. But other than momentary laughs, i’m not getting anything from Fate Kaleid other than a costume change of characters.


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