Kimi No Iru Machi (TV) Episode 1 – FIRST IMPRESSIONS


Why Gonzo Studio? WHY?!

Why must the anime  adaptation of the manga start this way?

Kimi No Iru machi should have started at Chapter 1 from the manga (Especially for those who haven’t read it) instead of at around Chapter(s) 80 – 82 where the Tokyo Arc begins. Wasn’t Gonzo Studio aware that now new viewers would have to read the manga from Chapter 1 in order to understand anything? -_-

Sure, the two episodes of the OVA explained some of the events from the first arc of the story, but even that was too vague in my opinion (Especially for those new to the story).


With no context behind Haruto’s character whatsoever, he now seems like an obsessive stalker who can’t seem to forget Yuzuki to the point where he moves from Hiroshima to Tokyo for no apparent logical reason.


-sighs- I will explain what has been going on BEFORE the Tokyo arc.

Kirishima Haruto is just a regular high school guy living in the rural countryside of Hiroshima. He’s lived there all his life and grew up with his childhood friends, Akari and Takashi (I bet a vast majority of those who didn’t read the manga had question marks floating around their heads when they were briefly introduced in the anime).


Out of the blue, Eba Yuzuki, who is a total stranger from Tokyo moves in with him. Haruto didn’t really like her at first due to the fact that she is too cheerful for his taste. Sadly for Haruto, everyone now sees him and Yuzuki as a couple, when in reality he has feelings for his classmate, Kanazaki Nanami. Yuzuki on the other hand, possesses feelings for Haruto but doesn’t really show it. After many dramatic happenings, Haruto FINALLY confesses to Nanami but ends up being rejected (Realized that Haruto actually has fallen for Yuzuki but, he just denies it) .


Haruto finally accepts his feelings towards Yuzuki and tries to go for her, but she has somewhat given up, and is now moving back to Tokyo. The two eventually decides to be together through a long distance relationship (Where the OVA focuses on). Sadly for Haruto, Yuzuki suddenly cuts off all contact with him by refusing to reply to his phone calls and emails. After all this, Haruto then concludes that she is in trouble and thus decides to move to Tokyo to find her.


I honestly thought that beginning the anime series from Chapter 1 would be ideal since the story before Tokyo arc was already pretty good by itself to begin with. Sure, this arc is more dramatic than the first, but I think it would have been better to start at Chapter 1 instead of Chapter(s) 80 – 82 (I’m speaking on behalf of those who haven’t read the manga and who don’t know the series at all).


Well, hopefully next week they will be able to get more explanation and background around the characters and the plot. So far, I am not impressed with how the series has been introduced.


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3 thoughts on “Kimi No Iru Machi (TV) Episode 1 – FIRST IMPRESSIONS

  1. theweirdman says:

    my reaction to Kami nomi 3

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  3. I was sort of looking forward to KnIM, being a fan of the early manga. 😛 Gonzo really has not made a singular good show since Koji Kajita left.

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