Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Episode 3 Review~



Episode 3 didn’t disappoint me at all. And I know that it’s too early to say so in the series, but this is my favorite episode so far (Probably because of Rei.)


The episode starts off with Haruka sick with a cold from his swim in the newly restored Iwatobi high school swimming pool. The next day, while taking the train to school, Haruka attempts to recruit Rei Ryugazaki to join the swim club. Of course, Rei refuses. Gou proposes that they join an indoor gym so that they will all be able to practice swimming until summer comes around. But, due to the cost, they seek sponsorship from the school’s faculty. Miho informs them that they won’t be able to get sponsored unless they earn accomplishments in swim tournaments. They also need to find a fourth member to join their club.


Nagisa informs Haruka and the rest of the club members about recruiting Rei, due to the fact that he possesses a feminine name. Nagisa then tries to wait for Rei after practice, attempting once again to recruit him into the club. But, of course Rei refuses once again. The next evening, Rei’s coach informs him that his form when it comes to pole vault training won’t improve unless he stops calculating his movements beforehand.


Gou informs everyone in the club that she has successfully scheduled a joint swimming practice with Samesuka swim team at their indoor pool. Unfortunately, in order to participate, they still need to recruit a fourth member in their club. The following morning, Nagisa meets up with Rei and joins him for a run where he explains his reasoning of why he wants Rei to join their club. Rei then agrees to join for the joint swimming practice at Samesuka, just as long as he doesn’t have to swim.


Sadly on the day of the joint swimming practice, Rei is forced to participate which reveals that he doesn’t know how to swim in the first place. After watching Haruka swim, Rei realizes that Haruka swims with passion rather than calculation. The next day at practice, he attempts pole vaulting without any calculation but fails. Afterwards, he approaches Haruka and the swim club (Who were watching him practice) informing them that he strives to achieve a form similar to Haruka’s. Rei officially joins the swim club (With Nagisa also teaching him how to swim).


With just this episode, I fell in love with Rei’s subtle tsundere-ness. He is by far my favorite character of the series. I really enjoyed how they introduced Rei in this episode showcasing his tendency to be to miscalculating when he is supposed to free himself into the present moment in order to achieve greatness. Nagisa and Rei reeks of bromance due to their well-balanced chemistry in this episode by the way. But, I am not complaining because I liked it.


Kyoto Animation really achieved balance in this third episode of the series. This episode also kickstarted the plot to progress further while in the same time maintaining that slice of life feel.

Can’t wait to see how the next upcoming episode will unfold.


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2 thoughts on “Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Episode 3 Review~

  1. theweirdman says:

    I notice that you don’t put alot of Kou reactions. lol

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