Gatchaman CROWDS ep 2 impressions

Another ep of colorful teenage warriors who AREN’T battling in this ep. No tentacled boxes or armored rangers this time. It’s time to look more into the lives of these weirdos, and brings up new questions to keep us wanting more.

01 02

Continuing from ep 1, Ichinose pins down the MESS Sugane was chasing. But before Sugane can finish it off, surprisingly the MESS doesn’t try fighting Ichionose even if she’s standing right on top of it, so she lets it go. Sugane is annoyed by this and her unusually chipper behavior even if she has the responsibility of protecting the world. So Ichinose decides to show things through her point of view, and how she helps the world in her own way.

05 14

This ep mostly ignored the sci-fi elements or the battles, and instead we get more of a focus on Ichinose showing Sugune her lifestyle, both in home and outside. Turns out that she’s not the airhead we expected her to be. Despite being a total newbie to the Gatchaman squad, she’s already questioning what they’re fighting for and generally making everything go at an upbeat pace. On her free time, she finds ways to gather both young and old people together, such as making collages for charities. The fact that she can be both creative and cheerful makes her a joy to watch.

07 11

Despite this, there is alot that happens in this ep when it comes to the sci-fi. It turns out Ichinose doesn’t need to fight the MESS, as she seems to be able to “purify” them into harmless buddies and spit out whatever they’ve absorbed back into reality.

08 1209 10

There’s also a social network called GALAX(introduced by Ichinose) that can be used both as a communication system and emergency signal, making even medical help or crime prevention possible all through cooperation(even the mayor is a member). Couple this with a shapeshifter along with a rumoured Gatchaman traitor with heavy connections to GALAX(Rui), and you have enough to keep us interested for the next 2-3 monthes.


I have nothing more to say other than I am exicted to see where this goes. Ichinose has quickly become my favorite character of the season, and there is enough creativity in both the visuals and story to keep me fascinated. Where it goes from here is a mystery, but it’s going to be far from dull.

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