A Certain Scientific Railgun S ep 15 impressions


Well it looks like there was no need to worry about either Touma or Misaka stealing the spotlight. Not only do both get an equal amount of screentime in this whole fight, but the actual fighting is much more intense than how it was in Index.


Like I said at the end of last week’s impressions, I worried that since Touma mainly took over the final battle in this arc he would completely steal the spotlight from who we spent with for more than 13 ep, Misaka. And yet if they solely focused on Misaka, the fight would be bland and too referential to be exciting. So how did they get past this?


Well the main reason why it works is because of how it’s presented. Rather than having one dominate screentime like in Index, every character involved in the battle gets their chance to show what they see. Accelerator shows his bitterness, frustration and excitement during the change of power mid-battle. Touma doesn’t spout his usual ideals, focuses on the fighting and shows off his thoughts more through his actions.


On top of that, Misaka doesn’t hide through crates to witness the battle like in Index; she sees it all happen through nothing but a bared fence. We get to see her sheer bewilderment at how Touma is managing to fight off Accelerator, and it’s nice to see her have direct involvement in the conflict rather than constantly being sidelined, whether it be keeping Accelerator at Railgun-point or begging MISAKA 10032 to contact the other MISAKA’s for help.


On top of that, the battle was better executed too. First off, there is much less dialogue that happens while the fight happens. This means you won’t go shouting at the screen constantly saying to talk less and punch more.  And secondly, the impact is much harder for both attacks. When Accelerator picks up boxes of flour, a dust explosion takes place. When Touma dodges shrapnel to punch Accelerator, the blood sprays upward and the backgrounds goes completely white.



Railgun S

Railgun S

But most notably, rather than what looks like a large kamehameha to represent the plasma ball, we see Accelerator cause a full-scale storm that truly gives off the intimidation of what plasma energy would be like. The storm alone causes Touma to be picked up in a tornado before falling flat on the floor, possibly crushing his insides.


Only one ep left and this battle is DONE! I’m worried about the filler that will inevitably take up the last 8 ep of the show. But until then, I believe this is the best show of Spring 2013.

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