Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou ep 3 impressions


While this show started off fresh, it’s starting to show lairs of predictability. But it still gives good food for thought, cool battles and enough twists to avoid being completely cliched.

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The big issue for this ep compared to the other two is that it goes through a typical shell-shocked main character who tries to understand the enemy. We’ve seen this development countless times. Doesn’t want to kill, get in the way of others, consider what’s right, and make that choice of either killing or not killing. If there are only two options, many of these show tend to suddenly have that third option of healing the enemy, and suddenly it’s all cookies and rainbows for our characters.


Thankfully, it doesn’t go for that third option, and this is where this show has a chance to make up for its tropes. It’s hinted that all of these girls have been through exactly what Akari’s been going through, and eventaully reached the point when they’re ready to kill. Luna had to experience guilt of killing for 3 monthes, and it seems the talking animals in control don’t care for their mental composure at all. Those who refuse to fight are kept in a prison cell until they change their mind.


What also makes Akari’s situation understandeable other than personal loss is that she actually hears the voices of the Daemonia. We actually get a inner look into more of these Daemonia victims and how despite how they’re undetectable until full possession, they can be seen as distressed people till then. This makes her conflict seem less boring because we get to see how the Daemonia affects both her and the victims, and ultimately things boil down to Akari wishing to at least remember the Daemonia she kills as people before they dissappear.


So overall, i’m a bit sketchy of where this series will go. There’s not alot of hype for it as of now, and it seems like it’s headed to familiar territories when it comes to story. But I hope it proves me wrong, especially with the inner struggles of these characters. Luna’s attachment with Akari seems to be linked to her resemblance to her sister, who accepted her despite people seeing her as a throwaway warrior. I think if we give more focus to this aspect, things will go great.


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