Danganronpa Episode 3 Review~


As the trial takes commence, the swimmer Aoi claims that she and the martial artist, Sakura Oogami (Yes, she is a female) witnessed Maizano enter the kitchen. This happened while one of the kitchen knives (Which was used in Maizano’s murder)  was stolen.


Kyoko also proves Makoto’s innocence by pointing out that he wouldn’t have to break his doorknob to enter his shower room since it doesn’t have a lock in the first place. While everyone wonders how the murderer entered the room, Kyoko presents reliable evidence that Maizano invited someone over. This shows that Maizano actually possessed the intention to commit a murder but then pin the blame on Makoto. Her target then fought back in self defense and killed her instead.


Remembering the message that was written in blood in the crime scene, Makoto construes that “11037” is actually “LEON” spelled upside down. He then accuses the baseball player, Leon Kuwata for Maizano’s murder. Kuwata’s guilt was further proven due to the fact that the murderer tried to dispose of the evidence (A shirt stained in blood) in way that only a baseball player can be capable of. When it is speculated that Leon might have used his screwdriver (From his own tool set) to take the shower room’s doorknob apart, the class votes as Maizano’s murderer. Monokuma confirms this and sentences him to death.


Later on that night, Kyoko visits Makoto where she presents her theory that Maizano may have left behind that message for his protection.


This adaptation is pretty much so faithful to the game where they even took out entire cutscenes, visuals, and music and seem to just copy and paste it into the anime. Through the first episodes, I felt like I was watching  a gameplay walkthrough video on youtube. I also felt that the faithfulness of the anime was more like an advertisement for the actual games.

The anime itself is still poorly crafted but, the story line still carries itself pretty decently where the trial was energetic and interesting even though all the characters were just in one room debating the whole episode.


Also, I was rather agitated of how Leon simultaneously said, “AHOU” when he was revealed to be Maizano’s murderer. The first “AHOU”s were alright, but then it just became an overload of annoying.

And then there is Naegi who is really bland as a protagonist character. He didn’t much for the majority of the trial, and only contributed by the near end of it. Kyoko was pretty much doing all the work by providing evidence and rebuttals. With just this episode alone, my disinterest in the boring protaganist, Makoto increased. Sorry, but Kyoko is a way more interesting and bad ass than he is.



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