Monogatari Series: 2nd Season ep 3 impressions


Return of familiar faces, more buildings burning down, no OP this ep, and Hanekawa sleeping in Araragi’s bed? And a huge amount of references to boost the dialogue? I’m Hyped!


To be perfectly clear, this episode was mostly focused on the comedy. So thank god that comedy is pretty damn funny. Other than the snappy dialogue like we’re used to, there’s some pretty great scenes such as Senjougahara semi-blackmailing one of the fire sisters into providing Hanekawa their place to stay in.


It’s also revealed that Araragi’s parents are cops(Really? I’m surprised they haven’t arrested their son midway through the series). There’s even some references to other anime and film, most notably the FMA sketches in the beginning and Shinobu’s terminator metaphor.


Speaking of Shinobu, the golden loli vampire brings an interesting point about how laid-back Black Hanekawa is compared to her first two appearances. She uses the Terminator metaphor as a comparison, saying that while she may symbolize the dark parts of hanekawa, she might have become more like her human host than an oddity.


As for the tiger, Shinobu mentions that it might be an oddity only Hanekawa can see, as she has not noticed such a large oddity when arriving. It looks like this might be the case though, as when both Shinobu and Black Hanekawa arrive at the abandoned cram school Araragi was rumoured to be at, they find it burned down.


I’m glad we got to see kanbaru again, and those fire sisters are still fun to listen too. But I think we’ve had enough of these girls fooling around. It’s fun, but it’s starting to reach Nisemonogatari levels. Hopefully we get more plot invovlement next time.

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