Servant x Service Episode 3 Review~


So far, I enjoyed two out of the three episodes that has been released. This third episode included.

Similar to Working!!, Servant x Service is what I would refer to as an anime sitcom where the characters themselves showcase the humor.


In this episode, the show focused mostly on Lucy and Hasabe


Lucy is a character who is aesthetically attractive and competent at the same time. Sadly, she can’t seem to notice this through her own judgement due to her lack of self-confidence. And compared to all the other characters, she has a motive to work at the office: Finding the guy who allowed her ridiculously long name to pass. I can tell that during her high school years, she came across a lot of guys checking her out and girls who reek of jealousy. It’s evident that she possesses some scars due to the aesthetic judgement she has come across over the years. Because of this, her relationship with Hasabe is an interesting aspect to the show.


Hasabe is by far one of the best characters in the series due to his humor and the fact that he’s more than what meets the eye. Unlike Lucy, Hasabe doesn’t gives a rat ass about what everyone else thinks of him. He’s very open and carefree, does what he wants when he wants to, and he could care less about insults that are thrown at him.  In addition, he’s knowledgeable, smart when needed, empathetic, and can somehow pick up anything he sets his mind to easily. I also like the fact that working at the office is “smooth sailing” for him. If only we can all be like him huh?


I thought it was hilarious when Ichimaya punched him in the face right when he was going to blatantly comment about Lucy’s breasts. In this episode alone, some of Hasabe’s actions can be taken as sexual harassment yet, Lucy is oblivious to all of it.


I liked how Hasabe gracefully covered up for Lucy when it came to her breasts. I honestly didn’t expect that.


In this show, whenever Touko isn’t involved (Thank goodness she wasn’t in this episode much), the humor is just how it should be.

So far, Servant x Service is quirky, funny , and case-in-point in terms of work humor which brings a dash of uniqueness to this summer’s anime line up. Hopefully, it will be able to continue in the current pace it is in.


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4 thoughts on “Servant x Service Episode 3 Review~

  1. I started out not liking Hasebe, but he’s starting to grow on me. Since I already love Lucy and the rest of the cast, that’s making this show pretty easy to enjoy. I already like it significantly more than Working.

    • xephh says:

      What made you not like Hasabe in the beginning? I am just not a fan of Touko :/

      • At first he seemed to be just kind of an arrogant slacker who got his way way too easily, but he’s been showing he can work to get things done lately. He was always funny, but I’m just pretty halfway on comedies where one characters is immune to karmic payback.

      • xephh says:

        Yeah, he has a way of being able to accomplish things naturally without putting much effort or having think about it. He’ll probably get payback in a comedic way eventually. 😛

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