Fate/Kaleid liner Prisma Illya ep 3 impressions


So now we have a new magical girl in the cast. Does it make for interesting conflict? Do we get some new interactions? Is there a reason to continue this series? This is the order of answers: sort of, yes, and no.


As expected, the new magical girl was appointed by the other wand Sapphire after both she and Ruby ditched their previous masters(in this case Luvia). Her name is Miyu, and unlike Illya she seems to be more adept as a magical girl. But once she transfers to her school, it turns out being a magical girl might not be the only thing she’s better at. She’s capable of using Calculus formuals for elementary math, can cook cuisine food with a single frying pan, and even beat Illya at short distance speed.


And with that, this ep goes into pretty mundane territory. There’s no longer any point in parodying the Fate universe as pretty much liberally copying from it. Same number of servants, same explanations of the Fate Stay Night universe(Noble Phantasms, etc), and even similar character interactions. Much like Shirou and Rin in FSN, Miyu’s problem with Illya is simply that she doesn’t take this card hunting task that seriously; and that’s really the only conflict we get. What little comedy we get is either predictable character reactions(Luvia vs Rin) or otaku-centric(what kind of elementary schoolgirl draws yaoi?).


Sapphire does seem more reasonable compared to Ruby though, and Miyu’s antisocial background contrasting with Illya’s bubbliness might bring something interesting to the table. But even if it does, I think it’ll just end up being a typical friendship-solves-everything solution. There’s no battle this time either, and there aren’t much parody moments either. I really want to drop this, but it’s a short show(only 10 ep). At least Illya’s deadpan reactions are funny.


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