Genshiken Nidaime Episode 3 Review~


I am happy to say that I enjoy watching this series and I can’t really complain about it.

In this episode, Madarame’s feelings towards Saki are shown in the light (Although it was pretty damn obvious alreeady). We also get to witness how Hato (Without the crossdressing) and Madarame interact with one another man-to-man (In a way) where Hato even tells him that he isn’t into men. It’s hard for me to believe this because he faps to yaoi.


For anyone who is wondering this episode is an adaptation of the manga chapters, 59 and 61.

Like I said before, I am enjoying my time with this adaptation due to the fact that it’s faithful to the original manga yet also has it’s own sense of originality (Well, to me anyway). Sure there has been some shuffling when it comes to the chapters and modifications here and there, but everything flows into each scene and episode smoothly


I also enjoyed seeing Hato’s alter ego floating around when he was at Madarame’s apartment as well. I really like Hato’s character as a whole. His cross dressing tendencies, his BL-like fantasies (Especially towards Madarame), and the fact that he enjoys showing his true self is a great addition to the club.


Again, the only thing I don’t like about this series is the fact that whoever translated it constantly refers to Hato as a “She” when he is actually a “HE”. Yeah, I know that he can pass as a girl due to his cross dressing and all, but COME ON! It’s already episode 3! GET IT TOGETHER!


Well, anyway, besides the translation slumps, I enjoy this series as a whole.

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