Highschool DxD NEW ep 3 impressions

Well, both the comedy and drama seem to be at a steady tone, but surprisingly not alot of fanservice this ep. I guess we need a rest from boobs as well.


So the battle against the two nuns ends in a surprisingly stark contrast to both Kiba and Issei. Kiba is obviously fueled by vengeance, and fighting a more destructive opponent with little restraint of execution. On the other hand, Issei’s battle with Irina is plain silly; it mostly consists of Irina spouting exaggerated pleas to the lord and Issei singing praises of the power of perversion. Both end up losing to their holy swords and the Gremories agree to not interefere in their search.


That is until Kiba decides to disobey Rias’s order to stand down and searches for the Holy swords on his own. And honestly, this is where the drama makes a turn for the better. Other than Issei’s determination for helping Kiba to the point where he negotiates with Xenovia and Irina, we get small glimpses at just how bad Kiba’s life in the Holy Sword experiment actually was.

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Despite constantly seeing his friends die, both him and the other experimented children held onto hope that their faith in the lord would help them. So when he learns that the stolen holy swords might be linked to the man directly responsible for the experiment, it’s no surprise why he’s so desperate. It’s also nice to see how touched he is about both Issei and Koneko’s concerns.


Through all of this, the comedy found a way to not feel jarring even with how goofy it was. Seeing Xenovia and Irina begging on the streets moments after their victory is just plain ironic. And let’s not forget Issei’s attempt at using “Dress Break” on Irina affecting Asia and Koneko instead, leading to a silly mid-battle Knock out(with nose bleeds of course). So overall, nothing dissapoints me so far.

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