Watamote ep 3 impressions


Well, it’s time to go through suffering again. And…it’s starting to wear off it’s charm. Some aspects balance well, but I can see some people wanting to just give up at this point.


The big issue with this series is that it seems to have only one trick for its appeal: continuous awkwardness directly caused by our main heroine. In the first ep, Kuroki’s issues with getting a social life were failed attempts for sure, but there was a level of relateability concerning how she dealt with situations and just how hard being social was to people.

Watamote%20-%2003%20-%20Large%2028 Watamote%20-%2003%20-%20Large%2029

But as it went on, we see less of a tortured soul and more of a whiny loner who constantly misses chances to achieve what she’s trying to do. And while in some cases the desperation that triggers such reactions is justified, at other times it comes off as selfish, irresponsible and bitter(in this case, it’s jealousy over her sick brother’s popularity).

Watamote%20-%2003%20-%20Large%2020 Watamote%20-%2003%20-%20Large%2022

Having said that, these cruel and sick jokes do have a twisted wit to it all. The psychology test comparing sexuality with crossing paths is both poignant and works as a great segue to naughty Yuu-chan. Even the parodies are done better, especially the Ghost in the Shell fantasy.


When the failed attempts aren’t based around bitterness or selfish desires, they work just as well as before, especially the conversation with two boys under the rain. And in a twisted way, Kuroki’s half-assed nursing of her sick brother is kind of touching, even if it leads to brutal irony by the end.


At this point, Watamote has reached a strange boundary in my mind. The relateability that makes me feel sorry for these characters is mostly gone, but the wit in the jokes and sheer cruelty never fails to poke a reaction. It’s sole intension seems to be making people feel uncomfortable. If that’s the case, it succeeds; however that doesn’t really sound recommendable.

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