Rozen Maiden 2013 ep 4 impressions


So it seems we by now that we would be getting into the action now, right? Wrong! Shinku has returned, but this is a new world she’s in. So this is more of looking at Shinku see the world of this Jun. Surprisingly, that small detail isn’t boring.


Shinku has arisen, but Jun(old) is covered in vines. He’s stuck in his world with no contact from Jun(young). But not all is lost, as he’s out of the N-Field; apparently all it takes is a wake-up call. Shinku is there ready to be wound, but the situation is so bad that Hollie (Shinku’s artificial spirit) had to take her Rosa Mystica and stay in this other world just to activate her. What’s worse is that most of the other Rozen Maidens are either trapped in the N-Field or dead(Hinaichigo and Souseiseki).

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And…the Alice game still doesn’t start yet. This time we see more of how Jun(old) starts to interact with Shinku now that she’s in his world. In that sense, this is a bit more light-hearted than previous eps as the banter between the two is refreshing. We get a bit of the nostalgic criticisms by Shinku over tea and her venturing through what she originally thought of as a shack. The doll’s eye-view is cute to watch, and Shinku does give more vivid details of what’s going on compared to Jun’s(young) texts.


But the most interesting aspect of this ep is easilty the contrasting emotions between Jun and Shinku. Unlike in the original series, Shinku is void of any gentleness she might have shown. She still enjoys tea and keeps her bossy personality, but it seems the loss of fellow Rozen Maidens has made her cold. In fact she never really smiles throughout this entire ep. On the other hand, Jun shows a bit of liveliness now that there’s someone to talk too. It’s even more evident when he starts to talk about fabric with his co-worker Saitou (Shinku thinks that she’s his girlfriend).


We still only have vague details when it comes to both the Alice Game and the connection between different timelines. But I am enjoying the older Jun’s lifestyle and his slow connection to the creepy parts of the show. To top it off, I actually like the budding romance between Saitou and Jun. There’s a certain sense of maturity in their relationship that feels less bubbly and exaggerated like many other pairings in, say, a “typical” harem or VN. I just hope we get more plot-oriented, considering this only has 1-cour.


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