Free! Episode 4 Review~




Free! has done it again in this episode. I couldn’t help but have a smile on my face throughout the episode.


The first half of the episode was heavy with manly fanservice. There were many angles showcasing Rei’s biceps, triceps, and deltoids (Especially when he was warming up). The others were able to show off their fabulousness as well.

imageimage image

My laughter would not stop when Rei said that the reason he couldn’t swim was due to the speedo he was wearing. Rei is very technical in everything even when it comes to his wardrobe!


Of course, I didn’t mind the changing room scene. We were able to see bits and pieces of their personalities in the swimming attire the characters chose personally for themselves.


I would also like to point out that I love Gou’s reactions when it comes to checking out the guys’ hunky bodies. Her reactions to their manliness are really spot on at times.


Haruka’s and Rin’s confrontation was a little yaoi-like in a way. My heart started beating a little faster when Rin said, “You’re going to swim for me!” I felt as if I was actually watching a boy’s love anime with all the sexual tension I was sensing!


All in all, I believe this series WILL continue to deliver! Especially when it comes to biceps, triceps, and deltoids! BRING ON THE FANSERVICE!


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2 thoughts on “Free! Episode 4 Review~

  1. theweirdman says:

    Funny how you mention alot of Rei, yet I ruined him with the truth of his voice acting career. 🙂

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