Gatchaman CROWDS ep 3 impressions

Gatchaman Crowds - 03 -2

Well it looks like there’s no need to continue battles at all. When Hajime purified that one MESS she found, it apparently purified ALL of them. So where do we get from here? The answer to that gets a bit more complicated.

Gatchaman Crowds - 03 -3 Gatchaman Crowds - 03 -7[2]

Simply put, this ep focuses more on the importance of GALAX in this world than that of the Gatchaman. In fact without the MESS going crazy, the Gatchaman start to wonder if all their efforts were a waste. Apparently GALAX is run by an AI program simply called X, which matchmakes users, gathers help for those in need, and even hacks into certain businesses if neccessary.

Gatchaman Crowds - 03 -12[2] Gatchaman Crowds - 03 -13[2]

In fact the highlight of this ep is when GALAX detects contamination in milk provided by schools. GALAX users are alerted about it (including Hajime) and quickly cooperate to shut down their vending machines and announce to the rest of the school that the milk is dangerous.

Gatchaman Crowds - 03 -16[2]

And sure enough, GALAX managed to save 68% of schools in Japan from food poisoning(the rest didn’t listen). It’s a silly concept to believe this will succeed today, but considering the hazards of companies like BP and PG&E, it definitely serves as good social commentary.

Gatchaman Crowds - 03 -22[2] Gatchaman Crowds - 03 -26[2]

Of course we got the kissing shapeshifter attacking and Rui providing power to a select group of GALAX users. And we also see strange creatures called the CROWDS being used by Rui to rescue GALAX users trapped in a cable car.

Gatchaman Crowds - 03 -17[2]

But like I said before, we don’t get alot of Gatchaman. Now it seems like more questions are being added each ep, and i’m concerned about whether it can manage itself with so much.

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