The World God Only Knows: Goddess Arc ep 1-4 impressions


MAN do I have alot to say about this show. While this is arguably the best arc of this entire series, I can’t say I like how it’s being handled. It’s not a terrible adaptation by any means, but it’s quite dissapointing thus far.(YOU MUST HAVE WATCHED THE OTHER SERIES OR READ THE MANGA TO UNDERSTAND THIS POST!)


Before we get into the bad, there’s one thing i like about this show: the story arc itself. Like I said before, this is arguably the best arc in the entire manga. The whole concept of the goddesses allows for our playboy Keima to finally face the consequences of dating multiple girls by retaining their memory of him, unlike in the first two seasons where they all forget. This in turn leads to the most dramatic turn such a playboy can possibly turn to, which is to regain trust from girls that know he’s been cheating without neglecting any one of them.


But now we get into the bad, and unfortunately I have several issues with how this arc is being handled. First off, there are alot of changes in both the plot and character interactions. The basic highlights remain the same, but the details have changed drastically from how it was originally intended. For example, the exclusion of vintage member Fiore has made Nora’s involvement in the goddess search involved by Keima simply sucking up to her rather than direct contact with Vintage. And while replacing her with Lune during Kanon’s stabbing makes a more menacing enemy, it nevertheless took out a climactic scene.


Of course the biggest change that had everyone going crazy was the fact that they skip about 100 chapters to start straight off with the goddess arc. This includes two of the goddess girl’s arcs being mentioned only through quick flashbacks in ep 1. Not only is this clumsy at introducing characters we barely know about, but it in turn undermines their recapturing as goddesses. The emotion that was put into those stories is gone because we don’t know much about these specific characters.


However there are two more issues with how this arc is handled as well. The previous two series had gradual build-up for each specific girl, established their problems, then led up to the final capture. But in here, everything is kept at such a fast pace to the point where that build-up is gone. This may be a simultaneous capture, but even in the manga there was gradual build-up to make us feel both the tension and the emotions. In some cases such as Kanon’s confession in ep 1, it works. But recently with Tsukiyo’s recapture, that problem has become quite noticeable(of course, she also suffered from the rushed flashbacks).


The final problem I have with this adaptation is its shift in tone. When it came to the first two series and the manga for this arc, there was a clear distinction between what was meant to be funny and what was meant to be serious. However, the comedy feels very forced when shown in the show. Examples include a scene where both Diana and Luna speak about the need for another goddess is interupted midway by a sudden RPG reference. Rather than presenting it in a way that it feels relevant, both the drama and humor seem to lack passion in its presentation, opting for simply skimming through the details.


Overall, i’m heavily dissapointed in how MANGLOBE has decided to handle this. If you haven’t read the manga, then this should still be enjoyable. But what could possibly be an emotional triumph for this series in screen format seems to be lost. I hope that when it comes to the goddess girls we’re accustomed with, things will change for the better.


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