A Certain Scientific Railgun S ep 19 impressions

I know some people will start complaining that we’ve returned to moe, but sometimes moe can be done well. And here, it’s fantastic! I’m fine that there’s little action of drama at all here; MORE FEBRI PLEASE!

To%20Aru%20Kagaku%20no%20Railgun%20S%20-%2019%20-%20Large%2027 To%20Aru%20Kagaku%20no%20Railgun%20S%20-%2019%20-%20Large%2034

Ok, so this episode is completely focused on the mysterious loli we met last episode. Other than the fact the hinted villains are after her, we don’t really get much in terms of characters or plot. Plus the only action available is when Febri is momentarily chased by 3 drones who easily get knocked out by Misaka. What we get from her instead of plot is raw Cuteness.

To%20Aru%20Kagaku%20no%20Railgun%20S%20-%2019%20-%20Large%2002 To%20Aru%20Kagaku%20no%20Railgun%20S%20-%2019%20-%20Large%2006

Febri’s interactions with the girls is simply adorable, especially how she actually acts like a child(rather than some other lolis). Seemingly becauseĀ Saten first got her to talk last time, she’s always seen hiding behind her as if she was her mom. Misaka, on the other hand, constantly gets avoided by her as if she’s some mean onee-chan. And needless to say, Misaka’s failed attempts to get Febri to like her are both tragic and cute to watch.


So overall, I enjoyed this episode alot despite how uneventful it is. Febri’s childishness was a sight to behold, and it does seem to be moving forward in the plot starting next week. But for now, time to rewatch all the parts with Febri(which is technically the whole ep).


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