The World God Only Knows: Goddess Arc ep 5-8 impressions


So after a disappointing start, does this adaptation get any better? The simple answer is yes. The detailed answer is that it improves specifically when it comes to the goddess captures. The overall plot is still rushed, but there are still 3 good reasons why it gets better starting from the 2nd half.

Kami%20nomi%20zo%20Shiru%20Sekai%20Megami-hen%20-%2006%20-%20Large%2004 Kami%20nomi%20zo%20Shiru%20Sekai%20Megami-hen%20-%2006%20-%20Large%2016

One of the reasons is that the later girls are ones we are actually familiar with. Other than sheer popularity, girls like Shiori, Chihiro and Ayumi are characters we’ve known for quite some time, each with multiple episodes to develop. Because of this, we care a lot more for what happens to them compared to Luna and Yui who only got a couple flashbacks.

Kami%20nomi%20zo%20Shiru%20Sekai%20Megami-hen%20-%2006%20-%20Large%2025 Kami%20nomi%20zo%20Shiru%20Sekai%20Megami-hen%20-%2006%20-%20Large%2034

Another reason is that it’s just better directed by the 2nd half. The use of animation seems much less derivative once it starts focusing on girls we already know. There’s an attention to detail both in how it’s shot and edited that go back to the great quality of Season 2, particularly in Shiori’s story. And as for music, I’m glad they brought back Koi ~ Kuchizuke Made no Kyori. I’ve missed that song ever since season 2.

01 03

But the final reason is that it’s reaching the highlight of the entire arc; choosing between the two friends Ayumi & Chihiro. Chihiro displays a level of boldness unseen in her character type and the bolder Ayumi actually backs down to support her friend. From there on is a complicated web of love and angst that hits harder than any previous conquerings by Keima.

04 05

Ayumi was Keima’s first girl to conquer and displayed much compassion compared to the other girls. But Chihiro seems to have changed the most drastically when it comes to any conquerings, and is my personal favorite due to how relateable she is. It’s a tough choice considering how likely each of them are to have the goddess inside, and choosing the wrong one can be detrimental to their friendship and Keima’s progress.

Kami nii-sama has his holy harem

Kami nii-sama has his holy harem

So overall, I’m looking forward to how MANGLOBE will handle the rest. It had a rough start and the show still has some issues such as skimming/ changing details of the whole Vintage conspiracy or side characters involved(Nikaido’s true identity, etc). But the most important part seems to have returned, and some changes are welcome additions(Chihiro’s song). And that’s enough to satisfy me both as a fan and a critic.


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