Gatchaman CROWDS ep 7-8 impressions


Where do I begin? What started off with a handful of ideas and a twist on super sentai has been jumping across ideas on a weekly basis. Now it seems lost on what it exactly wants to be, highlighting strange ideas rather than story.

02 03

So Rui wants to rid himself of Berg Katze to prevent anymore of his killings by using the CROWDS against him. That proves to be useless as he’s strong enough to defeat not only the CROWDS, but Joe and Sugane in their Gatchaman forms. We learn that the CROWDS being destroyed caused their GALAX users to go unconscious, thus reducing the credibility of GALAX.

04 05

Doesn’t help that Berg Katze assumes Rui’s identity as LOAD, taking control of GALAX and the CROWDS. With GALAX in evil hands, what do the Gatchaman do? Hajime’s answer is to reveal themselves as Gatchaman, replacing GALAX as the public image of justice. They don’t really have a choice considering Joe lost to Berg Katze, JJ won’t give any new orders, and Pai Pai actually ran away when he considered fighting Berg Katze. Making a public image is the least they can do.


No; changing everything isn’t a good idea

Now consider everything you’ve read and take in the fact all of this happens in two episodes. Now consider the fact this two episode pattern has been happening since the show aired. It’s hard not to admit that this show has a major Identity Crisis. The moment a conflict or goal is introduced, it turns it on its head to replace it with something new. We go from the MESS being the problem to nothing at all. Then we go from focusing on the Gatchaman to no focus at all, only to focus on them again. And now GALAX is the enemy after being built up as the savior only 3 episodes ago.

07 08

Twists are fine if they still follow a unified plot, but this is changing what the plot is supposed to be about every two weeks. Another issue with this is that we’re so focused on these drastic changes that we don’t get much when it comes to the characters. We are 8 episodes in, and we STILL barely know the characters other than a handful of traits, one backstory, and maybe a change of personality. Not to mention they rarely give any action to keep us distracted from this mess(speaking of which, what happened to the MESS?).


The show as it is now resembles Berg Katze more than the Gatchaman in its title. It keeps on assuming identities, causing mayhem, then moves on to the next one. We can’t get a sense of danger if we don’t even know what counts as a threat. What it needs is more focus, and it’s unfortunately not getting any.

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