Highschool DxD NEW ep 9 impressions


And so we open the locked door to meet the mystery bishop. It’s a half-vampire half-human Trap demon! Highschool DxD now has a crossdressing  boy mixed in with the boobs, and it looks like Issei will make a great senpai for this gender-confused babyface.

01 02

His name is Gasper, and let’s just say he has issues when it comes to being with others. His sacred gear involves pausing people’s sense of sight, thus making it seem like he stopped time(think Rolo from Code geass R2). Other than lacking restraint on his ability, he also displays typical symptoms of a shut-in. This is partially due to his crossdressing tendencies and life in a sealed room. But it’s mainly thanks to constant years of shunning that his family gave due to soiled bloodlines and fear from others due to his ability.

03 04

And for a brief moment, we actually get to see Issei display his maturity throughout the series to Gasper(at least until he fantasizes about stopping time). We’ve heard him spout out the typical shonen motto of “don’t make girls cry” or “believe in your friends”. But what makes it so poignant in this scene is when he discusses to Gasper how even if your power scares you, they are gifts that shouldn’t bring you shame in anyway. It’s a simple message and it eventually turns into perverted banter, but it’s a sweet senpai-to-kouhai moment.

05 06

In terms of story, there really wasn’t much other than Azazel giving some training advice. To be fair, Azazel’s constant advice does bring up questions of where his loyalty lies. He makes it perfectly clear that he wants to take all of our character’s sacred gears for his own purposes. But on the other hand, he give helpful tips on how to train and even suggests Gasper drink Issei’s blood if he wants a fast power-up. Nevertheless, that part is really short, so this ep could be considered plotless.


That is until Akeno invites Issei to a shrine after school to meet the substitute for god, Michael the Archangel. And I have to say, it’s a refreshing break from the F#ck ugly Kokabiel(Fangirls will be pleased). It looks like we’ll FINALLY get back to the story and even have Irina return. This is good considering the fact we’ve been goofing for so long, it got to the point where I started questioning if this was really Akeno’s arc.

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