Highschool DxD New ep 10 impressions


Ohhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! Looks like Akeno is now officially in the 3rd spot for wants-to-get-Issei-in-bed girls, right alongside Rias and Asia. And even if her story is kind of simplified, it’s all ok because the plot thickens and Akeno was my favorite girl of the series.


So Akeno elaborates on Kokabiel’s statement in the previous arc by revealing herself as half-fallen angel. Her father, Baraqiel, was one of the higher-ranked fallen angels that was healed by a human shrine-maiden during his time of need. Ashamed of her fallen angel lineage, she tried to become a demon with the help of Rias. The result however was a mix between both demon and fallen angel, which is present in her holy lightning and individaul wings for both beings.

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Knowing that Issei was badly hurt by her kind, she asks him exactly how he feels now that he knows her identity. And in true Issei fashion, he blatantly states that even if he was killed by fallen angels, he loves Akeno for exactly who she is. This of course leads to Akeno admitting defeat and enticing Issei to cheat with her while baring those massive breasts. All I can say to that is “lucky bastard”.

High%20School%20DxD%20NEW%20-%2010%20-%20Large%2006 High%20School%20DxD%20NEW%20-%2010%20-%2004

Thankfully, the boob content isn’t the only thing that thickens in detail. Michael hands Issei the dragon-slaying sword Ascalon to fuse with Issei’s boosted gear as a gift for facing further conflicts like Kokabiel’s attack. With it comes Michael’s pure intentions of truce between the 3 factions, as he mentions that there are other factions(rogue exorcists, dragons, etc) that threaten the balance between the 3.

High%20School%20DxD%20NEW%20-%2010%20-%2033 High%20School%20DxD%20NEW%20-%2010%20-%2034

The actual meeting is quite interesting when you consider that there’s an army of each faction right outside prepared for war. Irina returns as Michael’s bodyguard, Sirzechs and Leviathan keeps things formal, and the rest of Rias’s group stands by to watch. Azazel, however, gets straight to the point by casually asking if they want peace or not. As rude and conniving as he is, Azazel seems the most experienced out of everyone else.

High%20School%20DxD%20NEW%20-%2010%20-%20Large%2020 High%20School%20DxD%20NEW%20-%2010%20-%2024

Rias is also given some time to show exactly how she feels about Akeno’s recent advancements. Both Issei, Asia and Akeno know that Rias is number one in Issei’s eyes. But Rias is still aware that his recent advancements with other girls makes her seem the farthest away. This isn’t spiteful or her overthinking things; this worry is definitely understandable when we consider what’s happened the past 3 episodes.


Comedy is still present in the form of Gasper’s training, Kiba’s facepalm over Issei’s plans, and reactions to Akeno’s massive breasts. But it looks like things will start getting serious for the remaining two ep, as several cloaked figures sneak through the academy’s barrier. Whoever they are, causing trouble during a meeting between the 3 factions is sure to lead to chaos.

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