Uchouten Kazoku ep 9-10 impressions


Now that we’re reaching the end, these past two episodes have leaned toward the plot rather than characters. I can see how this could mess up considering how long it’s stayed character-driven, but so far it seems to work fine. Plot twists are genuinely surprising, the stakes are getting higher, and THERE IS A FROG EATING FRIED CHICKEN!

Uchouten%20Kazoku%20-%2009%20-%20Large%2018 Uchouten%20Kazoku%20-%2010%20-%20Large%2021

With the Nise-emon election coming up, all the tanukis are gathering to vote for their new leader. With the Tengu selected as a guest being sick, they get Yasaburou to persuade Akadama into attending in his place. Unfortunately, it looks like the rotten Ebusigawas are scheming for a surefire way to win the election and destroy the Shimogamos once and for all.

Uchouten%20Kazoku%20-%2010%20-%20Large%2024 Uchouten%20Kazoku%20-%2010%20-%20Large%2034

Something that I really enjoyed is how they connect Kaisei’s reveal to the overall story. We knew that the Ebusigawas were sneaky in their actions, but the final reveal of the Souichirou Shimogamo’s demise being linked directly to Soun’s brotherly jealousy along with his plan to capture all Shimogamos for the Friday Fellows instantly make them into convincing villains. And Kaisei’s disgust for her family as she sneakedly finds out all of this both justifies her constant hiding and makes her reveal more rewarding.

Uchouten%20Kazoku%20-%2009%20-%20Large%2001 Uchouten%20Kazoku%20-%2010%20-%20Large%2007

Another thing I really like about this hinted climax is how it seems to connect every aspect of this show thus far. From the Friday Fellows year end bash to the Nise-emon election, it all seems to be happening simultaneously as more and more events stack up. If handled right, this could be used to not only incorporate every plot device used thus far, but also give a solid conclusion for each of them.

Uchouten%20Kazoku%20-%2010%20-%20Large%2031 Uchouten%20Kazoku%20-%2010%20-%20Large%2035

What really has me worried though is how they’ll do with a sudden focus on the Nise-emon election. It’s not because of the writing, but rather how it was paced. Remember, the Nise-emon election has largely remained in the backgrounds. So suddenly bringing it to the spotlight poses the threat of breaking the pacing, as we have only 3 ep to elaborate on this plotline and answer all remaining questions relating to the characters, especially Benten.


Kaisei. Why you so smart?

However, I do still see a possibility in making a good climax out of this. Other than the twists being heavily focused on the theme of family like before, enough is explained in what little time it has to give a general idea of what’s going on. With only 3 ep left, PA works better have expert pacing to elaborate on all the remaining questions and sidelined characters if we don’t want a repeat of Angel Beats.

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