Perhaps it is Unnecessary


Perhaps introductions are unnecessary and should be saved for the first review post of a new blogger. Then again, it is not right for the reader by surprising them with the coming of a new blogger out of the blue, so I feel that at the same time it is not needed, an introductory post would be beneficial for both parties.

Nevertheless, I go by the name, BiscuitHopper. Yes, I hop over biscuits for my own amusement. After a proposal from SkannersArray, I have accepted a selection of shows during this Fall season of anime premiers to review, and talk about.

I am a self proclaimed anime “semi-elitist”, or as SkannersArray would put it, an anime hipster, which he deems “not cool”. But friendly joking aside in an attempt to make me watch Gankutsuou, I hold my own in this wonderful world we call anime.

To search for those gems in a sea of trash, that is my prime goal, and indeed it is true, there is a lot of crappy anime out there. This sea I’m talking about is a mixture of mediocre cliche high school anime that rely upon a useless male protagonist, his busty female companion, an unruly perverted best friend and a school of girls that all want to pounce on the magnet in his pants for some unknown reason.

Or perhaps it’s also a mixture of overpowered male protagonists that get all these great powers to fight the baddies, only to meet filler upon filler each week, much to the viewers frustration.

OR MAYBE, a show about a ditsy high school girl going to an all girls high school making all girls friends doing cutesy stuff together. I mean, why not? Fun things are fun after all!

Despite these descriptions being clearly bad, or rather unappealing, they manage to capture the attention of millions of people world wide, whether it be a show like Shakugan no Shana, or Naruto, or yes, even K-On!!

To that, I say pish posh! Maybe they aren’t really trash, maybe some of these shows as described are actually good. Maybe the male protagonist is a zombie, and he actually gets something done. Maybe a retired samurai who used to whoop aliens, but now lives in a run down apartment in Edo Period Japan. Or even a ditsy high school girl who’s entourage of yuri girls become an internet sensation.


I digress. Albeit an apology from me, but let’s cut to the chase. Out of the selections for this Falls anime season, I have chosen Kyoukai no Kanata, by Kyoto Animation, and Kyousogiga by Toei Animation.

Without further a due, I bid farewell for now. Much fellowship.


One thought on “Perhaps it is Unnecessary

  1. theweirdman says:

    That was sure a long intro despite stating that intros are unnecessary. Nevertheless, welcome to the group 🙂

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