A Certain Scientific Railgun S ep 22 impressions


And so we finally get the answers to who exactly these anti-esper scientists are, named the STUDY corporation. But even if we get alot of answers, none of them are that surprising. So honestly, im looking forward to this arc just wrapping up.

To%20Aru%20Kagaku%20no%20Railgun%20S%20-%2022%20-%20Large%2017 To%20Aru%20Kagaku%20no%20Railgun%20S%20-%2022%20-%20Large%2020

Yes there are answers given in this episode, but all of them are pretty derivative. The leader is a man named Haruki Aritomi, and all the other scientists he’s working with were repeating winners of the upcoming assembly. Febri was a prototype for their main project Janie, which we don’t have all the details on, but we can guess it has something to do with controlling the machines of Academy City. Other than that, there’s Febri being babysitted, ITEM being hired to attack the STUDY corporation, and Shinobu getting caught when it’s revealed she’s a good guy.

To%20Aru%20Kagaku%20no%20Railgun%20S%20-%2022%20-%20Large%2008 To%20Aru%20Kagaku%20no%20Railgun%20S%20-%2022%20-%20Large%2009

Really the best part of this episode was the interogation between Therestina and Misaka at the beginning. Misaka stays calm throughout Therestina’s psychopathic mood swings, with her trying to constantly belittle Misaka and test her words. The answers she gives aren’t mind-blowing(dummies wanting to prove their worth), but her psychological war against Misaka throughout it and her clear statement of how dark it is for those without powers is definitely interesting.

01 02

So we all know that the final arc of the 1st Railgun also ended with an anime original arc, and yet this arc seems to get more hate from fans compared to that one. Why is that? From what I can tell, it’s because that one felt more climactic. The stakes were high, it was built-up in previous arcs, action was constant, and it found a way to give closure to all the characters without messing with the continuity of upcoming stories.

To%20Aru%20Kagaku%20no%20Railgun%20S%20-%2022%20-%20Large%2026 To%20Aru%20Kagaku%20no%20Railgun%20S%20-%2022%20-%20Large%2032

On the other hand, the Febri arc is for the most part uneventful. There’s very little action, few character highlights, villains with very little presence, and constant use of references to past arcs in order to avoid continuity errors. There’s nothing really terrible about it, but it is in every way anti-climactic. Maybe that will change once it’s revealed what their final plan is, but for now it feels too recycled to seem satisfying.


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