Highschool DxD NEW ep 12 final impressions


Well this epic tale of tits and demons is finally over. And while it didn’t blow me away, this was a satisfying climax that works both as a book end for this arc and build-up for something more.

04 05

So now that Gasper is back in the team, the transporting witches and time stop is over. What’s more is that Azazel becomes even more overpowered by using his artificial sacred gear to wipe out the rogue Serafall. But it seems that’s not the biggest of their problems, as Vali reveals that he’s in charge of the group that just attacked them, called the Khaos Brigade. But while the motive of the Khaos Brigade is to destroy the 3 factions, Vali and the immortal dragon Ophis simply want to face stronger enemies.


And you thought your boner could cause eruptions

Vali is willing to do anything(including killing everyone around him) to force his rival Issei into becoming a more powerful being. This leads to another defining moment of Issei’s character all in one fight. He feels protective for his friends, has the shonen trait of deus ex machina(albeit with huge risks fueled by his idiocy), and is powered by Breasts. In fact his final power-up triggers when Azazel states Vali’s halving of dimensions will halve the sizes of all the girls boobs(this man knows his priorites).

02 03

But as much as this defines the Issei as a character, it leads to a negative aspect ive barely touched upon in previous posts. If you try to take the drama in this show seriously, it’s nothing but sophmoric smut that’s poorly trying to imitate other dark fantasy. The pacing is all over the place, the dialogue is horrible, and the world-building can get extremely clumsy. Not to mention that it lacks any form of subtlety to truly have any human elements other than cliche morals.

06 07

However, I’ve mentioned time and time again that this bad drama is not only self-aware, but it’s so cheesy that it fits with the comedy and fanservice. It’s fun to see what looks like a flying mech battle after seeing a black-winged angel wipe out a glass-wearing demoness. It was fun to see a crossdressing vampire stop time to defeat an army of illuminati witches. And of course it was downright hilarious to hear our main lead make an inspirational speech about how important all of the female’s boobs were to him, no matter what size.


And now all of them live together. Yay!

I’ve got to say though that even if the drama was bad, it was paced pretty well in the first season and left me excited for the climax. But there was so much more that happened during this season that I can ignore it. This is a worthy sequel to what is arguably the most popular harem show right now. And considering its sales, both in light novels and dvds, it’s safe to say we’ll be hearing about a sequel real soon. POWER TO THE BOOB KING, ISSEI-SAMA!


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