Monogatari Series 2nd Season ep 13-14 impressions

Oh god, what happened to you Nadeko? :(

Oh god, what happened to you Nadeko? 😦

Sorry for the delay this time, but i’m afraid that school and the summer season has taken its toll. Thankfully, changing this to 2 ep posts has given me tons of material, as Nadeko goes from a shy angel to the menacing snake we saw in ep 12.

Monogatari%20Second%20Season%20-%2013%20-%20Large%2007 Monogatari%20Second%20Season%20-%2013%20-%20Large%2014

So the snake wants Sengoku to help him find his original body, which will return some of his lost powers as a god. Yet surprisingly he’s quite generous to Sengoku, leaving her personal life alone, serving as a chat buddy(even when it’s unwanted), and even promises to grant her a wish at the end along with her freedom. Yet she quickly learns that keeping this hidden is only making things worse.

Monogatari%20Second%20Season%20-%2013%20-%20Large%2037 Monogatari%20Second%20Season%20-%2013%20-%20Large%2040

Essentially these two episodes served to define Nadeko in further detail, showing just who she seems to others and who she really is. The Snake, Shinobu, Tsukihi and even Nadeko herself point out that her outer appearance is that of a shy, considerate damsel that is constantly pitied for her problems. Nadeko hates this side of her and calls it a curse, but Shinobu sees it as a luxury. Since she’s so cute and helpless, she can easily get people to feel sorry for her, no matter how bad it is.

Monogatari%20Second%20Season%20-%2014%20-%20Large%2017 Monogatari%20Second%20Season%20-%2014%20-%20Large%2019

But while Shinobu simply points out Nadeko’s predicament, Tsukihi takes it to the extreme. She specifically points toward Nadeko’s affection for Araragi. Despite her being fully aware of Araragi having a girlfriend, she still pines for his attention while relishing in a romance that will never be answered, thus adding to the damsel-in-distress image she has. And seeing how she’s constantly hiding herself from others, Tsukihi decides that it’s been far enough and cuts the bangs on her hair, exposing her pretty face to the world.

Monogatari%20Second%20Season%20-%2014%20-%20Large%2024 Monogatari%20Second%20Season%20-%2014%20-%20Large%2028

The result is one of the most fascinating, yet terrifying blow-ups in anime this year. It may be just a side-effect of the Snake spirit, but Nadeko is sick and tired of keeping her inner ugliness away for the sake of seeming harmless. She’s also pissed that her class is still depressed over Kaiki’s charms and her teacher leaving her responsible for fixing it. I have to applaud Kana Hanazawa for putting such aggression in her voice in this episode, because I could feel the rage.


The stakes just keep getting higher, and when Nadeko finds the snake’s body in the form of a talisman(in Araragi’s porn stash I might add), he promises to grant Nadeko any wish she wants. But when she asks if she could make Araragi love her, he appears behind him with the simple answer “You can’t.” Now I applaud Araragi for his loyalty to Hitagi lately, but now I am sincerely scared of what might happen next. It ain’t gonna be pretty.


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