Kyoukai no Kanata – Episodes 2 & 3 Impressions


Yes Mirai, you totally do not need it! The moe part of your personality that is!

A few top recommendations on MAL have noted that Bakemonogatari and Chuunibyou very closely resemble Kyoukai no Kanata. I personally have not seen the Monogatari series yet (as I plan on) but I have seen Chuunibyou. And there’s only two things I have to say about it: BULL CRAP.

Chuunibyou is about delusioned first years/middle schoolers and their fantasies conflicting with the real world. A mostly moe blob comedy/romance show that really doesn’t have much romance in it. 

Kyoukai no Kanata might not be completely different, but it’s a step in the opposite direction. With the picture above that helps me convey my point, the show doesn’t need the pointless moe shots with Mirai, and it’s extremely ironic that I posted that too. (Just look at it!) It’s much darker and set in an actually supernatural environment rather than a make believe fantasy. 

As we see in these episodes, there’s whole lot more to this show than Mirai killing buckets and being all cute. 

In a sense, I would relate this show more to Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, or rather, just a portion of it. The point being that like in Madoka, these Spirit World Warriors hunt these other world beings for rewards in the form of tradables into cash, much akin to the Magical Girls hunting witches in order to keep their soul gems clean. 

Ahem, so to speak, these past two episodes were quite interesting, introducing a few other characters. I suppose they are all unique in their own way, except for Ai, which is a very generic moe character with the only outstanding characteristic of being a Yomu herself.

What’s even more intriguing is Nase Hiroomi and his habits of putting his hands around Akihito’s waist.


I can see fujoshi going insane simply by this act alone, and ships will be flaring with Hiroomi x Akihito, I can bet you that much.

Anyway, he becomes a very quirky character that I want to note because he has a sister complex (As to note that Hiroomi and Mitsuki are brother and sister), much like Akihito has a glasses complex, I find it very surprising at the sexual fetishes that we can clearly see between our two male protagonists. What I also found very amusing is the fact that Mitsuki plays along with it. As much as I dislike her high pitched voice, I can’t help but enjoy how blunt and shameless a character she is.



I figure that this is a form of fanservice, not that I completely disapprove. I just don’t believe it is necessary for a show like this, then again, it was quite light. So it’ll slide (Besides, Mitsuki is pretty busty anyway)



To continue, I really do have high hopes for this show as we continually see more plot development in the second portion of the episode. I can honestly say that the first half was a bit wasted, but perhaps it was used to build up into a more serious tone.

The second half was actually very action packed, seeing that fight with this “mysterious” chain saw lance girl out of nowhere caught me by surprise. Then again, the ending ruined it kinda, with Akihito crappily pushing her out of the way. All that built in suspense was totally wasted with some upbeat ending. Kinda lame, but the preview for the next episode is possibly where the money ticket is. So I eagerly look forward to it.

Honestly though, a good start. Animation is stellar quality as expected, story is starting to pick up, characters are being introduced in a steady fashion and shit begins to hit the fan.

I feel an intense love for Mitsuki incoming.

For now though, I bid farewell. Much fellowship.


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