Kakumeiki Valvrave 2nd Season ep 2 impressions

Is that Tomoko from Watamote?

Is that Tomoko from Watamote?

So after a crazy, bombastic opening into the 2nd season, how does the 2nd ep hold up? To be honest, everything that happened in this ep was (at least plotwise) completely unnecessary.

valvrave-14-11 valvrave-14-24-renbokouji-satomi

So the Valvrave pilots are preparing to enter into earth’s atmosphere, leaving Shouko in charge of Module 77 along with most of the students. However Akira continues to lock herself away from the other pilots and doesn’t open up to anyone aside from Shouko’s friend Nobi. More problems arise when Dorssian units start attacking the Valvraves during their descent and Akira’s backstory involving her brother Satomi is revealed.

01 02

Melodrama is a key part of this series, but this time it repeats the same issue Coppelion ep 2 had: lack of relevance and a reason to care. Satomi’s actions toward Akira in their backstory is utterly despicable, and his feeble attempts as working as her caretaker doesn’t make up what appears to be a decade of abandonment. There is no reason for me to care about an emotional reconcilliation between a traitor and victim when it’s this one-sided. All sympathy goes to Akira both in her past and future actions because everyone else in her backstory(Satomi, kids, parents) all act like complete dicks.

valvrave-14-31 valvrave-14-44

It’s even worse when it comes to HOW it connects to the actual story. Satomi accidently activates the signal that attracts the Dorssians? Make him remember the pressure of being blamed for not reaching a prestigious school. Akira is at risk of being abandoned to the Earth’s gravitational pull in an effort to save the other Valvraves? Trigger a flashback to how Satomi abandoned Akira to persecution at school. All of it is set-up through dumb decisions and only partially resolved with sibling reconcilliation. Most of it was resolved with Haruto and his new toy for Valvrave 1. In short, the story could’ve continued even without this other backstory.



It feels even more padded because nothing interesting is happening other than this character arc. You have H-neun flirting with Kriemhild, and you have a fight through the space elevator that leads to everyone crashing into Dorssian territory, but that’s about it. There’s no crazy plot twist or crazy set-pieces aside a new gadget for the Valvrave called the Familiar. Though to be fair, that new toy is cool to look at.

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