Unbreakable Machine-Doll ep 4 impressions


The story’s become simplistic compared to last week’s ep, but this is a satisfying conclusion for the first arc and is cementing itself as a fun, steampunk battle series. Count me in!

Pict729 Pict733

Unlike previous ep, there isn’t much focused on backtstory this time. What we do get though is a clear reason for what those magic circuits were for in Charlotte’s room. Much like Raishin, she saw the automatons almost as if they were human, keeping a large number of them in her family. But thanks to a certain accident, all the dolls were dismantled aside from Sigmund and even her family died out. All of those magical circuits are fractions of her family that remain, which explains why she was so enraged by Cannibal Candy eating them for temporary sustenance.

01 02

Raishin’s side of the story was much simpler when it came to context. He plays the shonen badass role complete with motivational speeches and the occasional deus ex machina. But then again, there isn’t really much logic to break when it comes to a show about steampunk magic and the relationship between Raishin and Yaya still feels tight during battle. And heck, you have to give some props to Raishin for being able to SLAP a gun away from his face(I thought only Rock from Black Lagoon could do that).

Pict738 Pict757

I was kind of worried about how the final battle would be, considering I thought the CG was a mess in ep 1. Thankfully that’s not the case, as the action and CG integration is smooth and fast-paced. And like I’ve mentioned before, the soundtrack has really become noticeable as the show went on, leaving me pumped one second and calm in another.

Pict775 Pict781

One threat is defeated, but we can easily tell this is only the beginning. While Magnus shows respect for Raishin’s potential and his gift of family ashes as a serious challenge, the indication that all of his dolls are Ban Dolls may point out motivations for the massacre. Not to mention the teachers admit they celebrate Raishin as a hero to distract students from mistrusting the school any further. The possibilities are endless, but for now it’s nice to just see Charlotte hand Raishin a silver amulet tsundere-style. 🙂

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