Unbreakable Machine-Doll ep 5 impressions


And now we go back into mediocre territory. Sure it’s setting up a new arc, but it’s back to my disappointing impressions of ep 1.

Pict950 Pict972

I mentioned a new arc is being set-up, but it’s really not that fresh compared to the first one. We have the unknown threat in the form of prototype magical circuits, and Frey takes Charlotte’s place as the object of Yaya’s jealousy. While different in personality, her motives for winning aren’t so different from Charlotte’s family reunion. Couple this with the younger of Yaya’s sisters cameoing in place of the older one, and the convenient power role is fuffiled as well.

Pict956 Pict965

The biggest issue is how the characters were handled, new and old. Frey is hardly a threat considering how clumsy she is both in seduction and assassination attempts. Her brother Loki is portrayed as the standard badass with attitude, only having his bitter relationship with his sister serving as content. Yaya and Charlotte are sidelined toward gag-roles for the sake of more screentime with Frey. I’ll be fair in saying she grew on me later with hints of her family background, but her Dojiko act in the first half just annoyed me.

01 02

But honestly, both of these two aspects haven’t tanked. We get yet another flashback to Raishin’s past and learn how his brother Magnus overshadowed him even in the past. The only one that appreciated him was the same little sister he later holds as a corpse by the flashback in ep 1. I mentioned that the mystery feels repetitive, but it does work as decent world building on how politcal bribery and corporate corruption mixes into a basic tournament plot. Not to mention that danger is always present, especially since many others like Loki aren’t willing to wait till the Evening Party to fight.

eh. at leasts the tits don't dissapoint

eh. at leasts the tits don’t dissapoint

I’ve had a strange experience when it comes to Unbreakable MachineDoll. Sometimes the plot is overly simple, and other times it gets complicated. Sometimes I’m really liking the characters, but other times they feel pointless. The music is glorious and the backgrounds look great, but the CG animation is quite hideous at points. Expect some weeks of me singing praises, and other times ones of disappointment.

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