Kill la Kill ep 6 impressions


What a twist it is to have me cheering for the bad guy in this ep. And what a treat to see more than one fight in a single ep and hint at greater events. 🙂

Kill%20la%20Kill%20-%2006%20-%20Large%2004 Kill-la-Kill-Ep-06-18

As mentioned earlier, there’s definitely hints toward a larger scale conflict going on outside and inside Honnouji Academy. The mass production of two-star uniforms, Aikuro’s reveal to Ryuuko about Nudist Beach, and Kiryuuin’s mother calling about Satsuki’s defiance for donning Junketsu gives out the message that there’s more going on other than Ryuuko’s enemy-of-the-week lifestyle. If anything it’s more apparent that Ryuuko is a hindrance to established order, and for once we start wondering if that’s a good thing.

Kill-la-Kill-Ep-06-22 Kill-la-Kill-Ep-06-34

The one thing that’s clear as day and is the highlight of this ep was definitely Sanageyama. While still the standard Rival character, he proves to not only to be one of Ryuuko’s strongest foes, but also one of the more interesting characters in the series. He has eyesight capable of tracking anything and his 3-star uniform can transform into a semi-mech with kendo stick cannons. But when he’s defeated by Ryuuko after promising Satsuki he’d be left behind if beaten, he proves loyalty toward Satsuki by SEWING HIS EYES SHUT! I don’t care if this heightens his other senses and, ironically, makes him stronger. Even Satsuki applauds him by watching over his 2nd fight proclaiming why he overpowers Ryuuko.

Kill-la-Kill-Ep-06-13 Kill-la-Kill-Ep-06-53

In fact, it’s his development that segues fine into answering what Satsuki’s relationship with the 4 devas is. Satsuki is definitely ruthless when it comes to being a leader, but how casual she is around Sanageyama(and supposedly the other devas) shows that she’s not completely cold-hearted. To her, the 4 devas are the closest examples she has to friends. They’ve been together since childhood and mutually respect one another, which is something no one else seems to have in Kill la Kill other than Mako and Ryuuko.


Now despite all i’ve just said, this ep doesn’t really change what Kill la Kill is. We still have Aikuro’s FABULOUS stripping, Mako’s hyperactive speeches, inconsistent animation and Ryuuko’s Win-and-Loss ratio. But this is just enough change the pace and keep me interested in this formula. Till next week, MOAR PINK NIPPLE CENSORS!

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