Unbreakable Machine-Doll ep 6 impressions


And now this show has returned to being interesting. Expect this to be my pattern of reactions for the rest of this series.

Pict151 Pict163

So we find out the truth about the prototype magic circuits Frey’s Ravi contains. After meeting the mother of Ravi’s doll-type(called Garms), a dog named Yomi, we see that they’re quite different from other ban dolls.  Rather than using the flesh parts of others to house a circuit, they are living beings(in this case dogs) that have circuits shoved inside of them. And as for the users, it’s hinted that Frey and her brother are really a set of clones tailor-made in providing mana for either Garms or the armored dolls.

Pict156 Pict159

Other than Yomi’s story, much of this episode was focused on Raishin’s involvement in the grand scheme. After the incident with Cannibal Candy, it’s clear that Raishin isn’t just in charge of reaching top of the class. He’s working under Shouko as a spy for Britain while dealing with his fights as a doll-user, and it’s revealed alot of corruption behing the scenes. But he’s stuck at a moral dilemma after Yomi sacrifices herself for his escape during reconnaissance and, more notably, when Shouko orders him to kill off Ravi. It pains him to see Frey thank him for freeing Yomi from her misery, and it gets in the way of his fight later once her imagines Yaya reaching the same fate as her.

Pict144 Pict168

What didn’t hold up well were the parts involving our main heroines. Despite receiving fatal damage early on, Yaya remains relatively ignored until the fight of the evening party. Her only role was to reveal the dangerous amounts of mana she consumes(Raishin’s life force) and connect with Raishin’s guilt of leaving Yomi to die. Charlotte is almost non-existant aside from that one moment she finds Yaya injured, and Frey’s brother is once again a typical rival character, only this time he reveals that he can be underhanded too.


I’ve mentioned before that my enjoyment for this series seems to go like a rollercoaster. From the looks of it, it doesn’t seem like that will change. For now i’m reaching the peak, but this uneven formula will definitely slash off points from my overall score. That and the multitude of cliches and bad CG.

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