Kakumeiki Valvrave 2nd Season ep 5-6 impressions


If the ceremony means “plot”, please do.

By the 6th damn ep that Valvrave gave to me: 4 lazy details, 3 obnoxious side plots , 2 main girls missing, and a Dorssian princess as a plot device. And this is what we get when the unneccesary isn’t cut out.

Kakumeiki-Valvrave-2-Ep-5-Img-0029 Kakumeiki-Valvrave-2-Ep-6-Img-0032

For starter’s, I’ll get to those details. We see that the coup that made Dorssia into a militaristic dictatorship is constructed by Magius, and several Dorssian officers we’ve seen before are Royalists who originally ruled the empire and are willing to help the Valvraves behind the scenes. Furthermore, Magius is using the Dorssian princess and several kidnapped subjects to milk out Runes, and it’s revealed that everyone enrolled in Module 77’s academy are genetically built to be compatible with the Valvraves. From then on, everything goes bananas as this buttload of details becomes surprisingly tiresome to watch.

Kakumeiki-Valvrave-2-Ep-5-Img-0030 Kakumeiki-Valvrave-2-Ep-6-Img-0026

Do you know why these details were so boring? It’s because aside from Haruto whining about the casualities caused by Runes and Valvraves, all of these are brought up through padded side-plots. From H-Neun’s discovery of Magius to L-Elf going AWOL in search of Liesotte(Dorssian Princess), all of it seems to make a simple rebellion plot more complicated and time consuming than it already should. Most of them don’t play much importance to the conflict at hand and don’t grab much interest because of how rushed it all is.

Kakumeiki-Valvrave-2-Ep-6-Img-0044 Kakumeiki-Valvrave-2-Ep-5-Img-0039

As for our main leads, Rukino and Shoko are barely even mentioned and Haruto’s meeting with his dad served nothing more than exposition. As character drama, it showed nothing but Haruto’s dad being a loony and Haruto ready to smack him. The only ones to get useful screentime aside from exposition is L-elf and his ex-comrades, and I admit that L-Elf’s backstory reveals quite abit about Dorssia in its past. But they’re unfortunately bogged down by the fact that they have very little to do with the MAIN plot involving the Valvraves. Oh, and A-Drei’s journey with the boy soldier possessed by Rukino is given one scene too.

You dissapoint me Valvrave. And that’s saying alot

I’m not going to lie; these two eps were pretty dissapointing. It lacks the adrenaline and shock value that covered up for its multiple flaws, so all that’s left is dull exposition that makes no sense and character motivations that are completely black-and-white. Let’s just say that these two ep hold many answers, but are handed to you on paper-thin plate rather than properly served.

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