Kill la Kill ep 7 impressions


It took a school that has the body count of the Vietnam war THIS LONG to make a fight club? I CALL BS, especially if the lovable doofus is the club president.

Kill%20la%20Kill%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2009 Kill%20la%20Kill%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2015

So apparently the dramatic angle from last week is ditched this week in favor of an episodic adventure. Tired of being challenged to fights by power-hungry clubs, Ryuuko decides to start her own club dedicated to wiping out the competition, the Fight Club. But due to the overwhelming paperwork, she decides to make Mako the president while she’s busy fighting. As they rank up, Mako’s family gets money and power beyond their dreams. And while this brought smiles at the start, it becomes clear that greed corrupts even the simplest of families, and Ryuuko must decide whether being all-mighty is worth the loss of heart.

Kill%20la%20Kill%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2012 Kill%20la%20Kill%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2019

Simply put, this follows the predictable pattern of both an underdog story, power-corruption epic, and family fable. We can pretty much tell starting from their first taste of legitimate meat croquettes and the increasing beatdowns from Ryuuko which direction this story will go. You can argue that this was true for the entire show, but what made the last two ep so convincing was that it knew how to develop a relationship between the characters it involved. On the other hand, Ryuuko’s relationship with Mako’s family was mostly used for cheap gags and an extension of Mako’s friendship until now.

Kill-la-Kill-Ep-07-38 Kill%20la%20Kill%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2035

Now if you look at this as a parody of those stories rather than an attempt for real drama, this ep is brilliant. It makes sure never to slow down, gets straight to the point, and defines all the character’s motives without dwelling in it. We know how stupid and cliche this is, so it doesn’t try to analyze it as if it’s something more profound. From Satsuki’s speech of greed corrupting all to Ryuuko’s drastic fights levels(one club to an entire gym?), everything is kept with a consistently silly tone. Even the emotional moment with Mako questioning their family bonds is played out as straightforward melodrama, and it’s helped by her family’s cartoonish reactions and an over-the-top solution.

Huh. Didn't notice Mako had good cleavage until now

Huh. Didn’t notice Mako had good cleavage until now

Kill la Kill seems to have this habit of drastically changing its tone from serious to stupid week by week. Hell, sometimes it fuses the two. But the self-awareness it has is never cut out, and that’s the main factor that keeps this show afloat. Even if it took THIS FREAKING LONG for someone to come up with a Fight Club.


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