Kyousogiga: First Impressions (Episodes 1-3)

ImageThis is how I feel after a long day of work and class.

If you’ve heard of Kyousogiga before watching it this Fall season, then you’ve probably seen the ONA’s that came about two years ago. Judging from current dispositions and varying opinions on MAL, it seems that Kyousogiga has been known to have some negative feedback over the past two years. I personally have not seen them, as having heard that the season I am about to go over is an elongated rehash of those ONA’s.

However, from what I have seen within these past three episodes, I am quite impressed. The story is what drives to the interest the most.

ImageIt starts with Sai from Naruto, a black rabbit, and it transcends into the world of Alice in Wonderland with a hint of buddhist mythology. Three unique siblings, each with their own strange qualities.

The black rabbit, Koto, was given a human body in order to love her creator, Sai from Naruto (AHEM) I mean Myoe, a temple priest, by an almighty bodhisattva. They soon started a family consisting of a human son, and another son and daughter who were created from drawings.


But, as more and more people from the capital, Kyoto, complained about them, Myoe decided to create an alternate reality of Kyoto, called the Mirror Capital, from which they could escape and find peace.


Don’t forget about the dog!

Now as time passed, Lady Koto began to experience terrifying visions, from which she believed was because of her keeping her human form. One day, she and Myoe just left, without warning. Many years later, each of the children are grown up, living in a modern Kyoto (kinda), and as they spend their days waiting for their parents to return, they are answered with a storm of lightning. And as a result, they meet Koto, but it is not Lady Koto.


Now as interesting as this story beings and continues, I can’t help but find myself immensely enjoy this show for what it’s got. It’s similar to Uchouten Kazoku , and it maintains a sort of FLCL and Gurren Lagen style of art, but still maintains its own quirky visuals.

I mean, I have never seen such force used against a crow with a PSP, such as sending an entire army of white suited gangsters riding cars on roofs with sniper rifles.


In all honesty, this show is greatly promising, and I deeply look forward to seeing more of Kyousogiga.


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