Unbreakable Machine-Doll ep 7 impressions


Not much to say about this ep other than it does what I expected. But hey, at least this time we get to face more than another tournament rival to fight.

Pict326 Pict339

For the most part, Frey and her brother’s arc is far more predictable than Cannibal Candy. So Ravi malfunctions and nearly absorbs all of Frey’s mana, and it’s up to her brother and Raishin to put him to rest. It’s confirmed that both the siblings are artificial mana producers who’s inner workings forcefully overload their dolls with mana. Frey’s brother gets some decent humanization with his refusal to kill Raishin and save Frey even if it meant killing Ravi. It’s a decent character moment, but Cannibal Candy managed to surprise even with a simplistic villain.

Pict350 Pict359

What this does better though is that it gives a more in-depth look into what’s happening around the tournament. The battle against Ravi only lasts half the ep, and the rest is focused on their origins and future plans. And I have to admit that it’s more interesting this way. We’re finally getting to the root of a conspiracy rather than strings and fighting a larger battle than another one-on-one. Even Frey’s Brother decides to join the fight, which earned a last-minute likeability point for me.


Really the deciding factor for this arc will be how Raishin and Frey’s brother deal with the corruption surrounding them. Until then, I can safely say that my expectations for this show have lowered. Depending on what happens, this could be a good thing.

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