Kuroko no Basket 2 ep 1-8 impressions


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! And boy am I thankful to Production IG for the 2nd season of Kuroko no Basket and not screwing it up(at least for now).

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What I really like about this season is that it feels like a true sequel. Rather than waste eps of lingering in the past, it gets straight to the point on what’s going on. New characters and conflicts are established on the go, and we’re brought up to speed on any details from the previous season that’s neccesary. In fact, any part that DOES explain the past is something that wasn’t revealed before and, more importantly, connects with what’s happening in a present conflict(examples: Taiga’s intro to basketball, Teppei forming the Seirin team).

Kuroko%20no%20Basuke%202%20-%2026%20-%20Large%2021 05

Characters also get some improvement, both old and new. In season 1, characters other than the Generation of Miracles(and their teammates) were mostly a pack of cliches that mattered little to the overall story. While this season isn’t void of them, we do get more personal opponents to specific characters such as Hanamiya of the Uncrowned Kings and Taiga’s old friend Tatsuya. As for the Generation members, we see that they are bound by human restrictions just like anyone else. Some even learn from this by depending on their teammates for once(notably Midorima).

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But even with these changes, it never feels like we’re watching a different show. Seirin’s side of the story has always been about change, learning from their mistakes and getting stronger. This could be shown simply through individual improvement, such as Kuroko’s Vanishment Drive and Taiga’s increasing jumps, but Teppei reveals that it’s been like this ever since he formed the team. Ironically the most reluctant to join were ironically the most passionate: Riko and Hyuuga. And all of this still coincides with the values of passing your limits for your passion(in this case basketball) that has defined this series for its previous 25 eps.


Not only are we getting what we liked from the 1st season, but it does what a sequel should by improving on it. Sure there’s still the 1-2 minutes of recap per episode, and the production quality isn’t particularly impressive. But the pure thrill I got from each game and the warrior-like intensity between opponents and teammates is still strong in this series. It even gets me to laugh as a bonus. I had high expectations after the 1st season, but as of now they are all satisfied. Let the Winter Cup begin!


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