Kyoukai no Kanata 4-6: Impressions


I’ll make this short: I have really lost the will to watch this show. 

In all seriousness, I was expecting from the beginning that KyoAni would do something utterly moe to this show, and it began to show right at episode 5. I mean seriously, joining a “literary club”? Or even having a part time job as a photo model? Taking nude photos of little loli Aoi (Who in fact has bigger jugs than Mirai) 


Who cares if you join a club because they have a book on plants?




2 fast for me to screen shot , had to pause the video

Seriously? Who does this? Only KyoAni does. I was very enthusiastic about this show from the very beginning, but I had my doubts too. However, what totally killed the show off for me was episode six. Nude shots of each of the girls in the shower, pop dance routine that they were stupid enough not to remember to have someone kill the youmu, it’s like Haruhi all over again.


This is not what I had in mind when I decided to watch this show, and the only way I’m keeping up is through reading summaries on Wikipedia. Though in recent episodes, the story has been picked up, it’s a tad bit too late when they could have done it so much earlier. Too bad KyoAni likes to slap on slice of life stuff into shows that have such epic potential, or rather, the author if the studio was faithful to the LN.

To add to that, this show really had potential in my eyes. Fusing supernatural elements into the real world are big green lights for me, but turning that epic story into a show about a “bespectacled” girl wearing maid outfits, posing for idol dance routines, posting on a pointless blog that has nothing to do with the story and tending to her pointless bonsai, it’s all a waste. Instead, they could have explored the mysteries behind these Spirit World warriors and the impeding war between the Nase family and the Spirit World Society.

There are too many questions and concepts that needed to be answered or gone over instead of wasting time with nude photo shoots and pop idol dances.

Sure the art is pretty, and the action scenes are cool (if there are any) but the portrayal of slice of life. splashing in a bit (whole lot of indirect) fanservice and the act of trying to combine it with supernatural and try to have an even bigger plot within 12 episodes? It’s quite the atrocity, and only few shows can even pull it off.

And with this, I conclude that I am thoroughly disappointed with this show. However, that will not mean I will stop following it. I certainly will continue to observe and see what happens, but for now, I will no longer be wasting my time watching it until a final opinion can be formulated.


Seriously? Why KyoAni? Why disappoint me? Bring it to Hyouka’s level for crying out loud!

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