Unbreakable Machine-Doll ep 8 impressions


Usually I’d try putting my own comment into these intros, but this time I’ll let Bronsons sum it up. Henceforth, the last 4 eps will be moved to 2 ep posts.

Pict573 Pict584

Both in terms of characters and resolutions, this ep felt really cheap. The organization strong enough to push Raishin get wiped out in 5 minutes once Frey’s brother joins the fight. Then the fight with Bronson comes out of nowhere and pads out the time with 8 minutes of invincibility. Frey’s brother is somewhat likeable after revealing his good side, but all it boils down to is a tough sibling and Raishin’s yelling opponent.

Pict572 Pict587

But probably the biggest killjoy was Bronson himself. His motivations are laid out through rushed exposition, and his presence seems rather small despite being the mastermind/last boss of the arc. Even his plan is summed up in less than 2 minutes, making us wonder if there was any need to be intimidated by this guy other than plot armor.


So by this ep, the Sword Angel arc is a step down from Cannibal Candy. However, this ep also gave a sneak peak at the next arc, and it looks pretty interesting. After escaping Yaya’s wrath due to Frey accidently proposing to Raishin, he finds a bunch of Charlottes running around, each with an alternate personality. Sounds stupid? Maybe, but i’m guessing it’ll be fun after we see an armored charlotte unleashing Sigmund onto the schoolgrounds.

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